I’ll be doing a live broadcast from tonight at 19:00
(This is Japanese time… but it’ll be about 2 hours after this blog is upped.)

Infiltrate Max Factory: An Ad-lib Live Broadcast!

Tune in from 19:00 ~ 20:30 (JST) :

You can add comments to the video from twitter – just add “
#gsc_nico” to the end of your tweet!

Today’s broadcast will be from Max Factory!


Here’s a little line-up of the show:
– Workshop Tour by Ozawa Aesop!
            → You can see exactly what goes on during the sculpting process!

– Products from ‘The Big O’ by Ozawa Aesop!
            → A quick look and explanation of products from “The Big O” for people like me who know nothing about them!
– Other Upcoming Products?
           →  Who knows what or who else might turn up? (Wishful thinking :P)


There is absolutely no script!

The theme is nothing but whatever comes to mind during the broadcast! ^^;
If you’ve got nothing planned feel free to join us for some fun!
That ends today’s mini-blog – I hope you’ll tune in later on!
(If you’re not sure how to sign up on the Japanese NicoNico Douga site, just ask Google-sensei for some help!)