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Sengoku Joker:


From the animated film “Batman Ninja” comes a 1/6th scale statue of Joker. The statue is based on an original art piece by the series’ character designer, Takashi Okazaki, and will be limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

His unbalanced pose holding his sword has been dynamically recreated. The texture of his armor has been carefully sculpted using real armor as a reference. The hem of his flapping cape has also been textured in detail for an impressive appearance even from close-up.

The base of the figure is designed to look like a broken roof, with Joker moving on perilous footing. This statue can be displayed with “Batman Ninja: TAKASHI OKAZAKI Ver.” to recreate a scene of the pair facing off.

Sengoku Joker: TAKASHI OKAZAKI Ver. is a high-quality art piece, and only 1000 will be made available worldwide. Each product will be engraved with a unique serial number. (Serial numbers will be distributed at random. You cannot select which number you will receive.)

“Heroes don’t dare to kill. But I can do anything to end your life here, Batman.”

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From “Batman Ninja” comes a Wonderful Hobby Selection scale statue of Joker.

This item is limited to 1000 worldwide!

◆Point 1◆


Even compared to a person it’s quite large!

Here it is next to an iPhone X!

◆Point 2◆

Detailed, crazed expression

Joker’s trademark smile and fearsome teeth are on full display.

This hateful laughing expression is fitting for the villain. Look at the detail as well!

The crazy amount of detail really makes this expression for the crazy Joker. It looks like something you might see in a nightmare…

His unique beard and pointed nose have been carefully recreated as well.

◆Point 3

Perfect combination of textures.

Take a look at Joker’s outfit.

Particularly, look at all of the differently textured elements.

His purple coat, torso armor, corded belt, hakama bottoms and so on…

Everything has been recreated with a different texture in mind!

This is just another incredible feature of Wonderful Hobby Selection items!

Let’s take a look at his arm.

The glossy look of the armor over his arms compared to that cold white hand is stunning!

His shin armor features a detailed textured design that makes you want to reach out and feel it.

◆Point 4

Sword from the middle ages!

Joker extends his sword forward.

I could look at this beautiful blade and shining white guard forever!

The helmet pierced by Batman’s kunai is a great detail as well!

◆Point 5

Castle roof base

The deft Joker is shown standing on a destroyed castle roof. The burnt appearance makes it look like it’s practically smoking!

The base itself features a gold pattern in each corner. A clown emblem is shown in each corner!

◆Point 6◆

Batman Ninja: TAKASHI OKAZAKI Ver.

The two rivals battle on the rooftop. The statues fit perfectly together.

Ninja Batman: TAKASHI OKAZAKI Ver. is scheduled to release 2019/4 (Preorders have ended)

Sengoku Joker:


Limited to 1000 units. Available for preorder now.

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