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Today I’m going to be taking a look at a character who not only celebrated her birthday today but also her announcement as a Nendoroid!

Nendoroid Mari Ohara!

From the popular anime series ‘LoveLive!Sunshine!!’ comes a Nendoroid of the Aqours member Mari Ohara wearing her outfit from the song ‘Aozora Jumping Heart’!

She comes with both a cute, cheerful face plate as well as a mischievous smile for when she teases the other members! A selection of different parts are also included which allow you to pose her in different dance poses from the opening theme of the anime series! Be sure to enjoy her together with the other members of Aqours!

Shiny! ☆

The Italian American who is a third-year at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, Mari Ohara is joining the Nendoroids! ♪


With her announcement we have all the members of Aquors as Nendoroids!! Just like the previous members she is dressed up in her outfit from the song ‘Aozora Jumping Heart’, and the details on her hair accessories and outfit are so beautifully sculpted!

▲It’s a bit hard to tell, but her belly button is faithfully sculpted on!

Her braided hair layered along the top of her head as well as the curl on the one end has also been faithfully captured! (∩・∀・)∩

▲ The silky looking tips of her hair also look great in Nendoroid size! ♪

She also comes with a selection of bent arm and leg parts which allow you to pose her in some of the dancing scenes from the opening theme of the anime…

And also allow for all sorts of original poses as well! ♥

▲ Create your  very own idol poses!

Along with the lovely smiling face you see above, she also comes with a rather mischievous looking pose for even more posing potential! ♡

The shape of her mouth is so cute!

Mari looks great all alone, but of course it is even more fun to display her together with other Aquors members and recreate your favorite scenes between them! ♪

▲ This playful expression can be used for all sorts of different poses!

Be sure to add the adorable challenger who knows no fear to your collection!

Nendoroid Mari Ohara!

She is currently up for preorder!


Orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a special Stage Base & Small and Large Nendoroid Base Extension Parts as a bonus! ☆

*Only a single stage base is included. Both extension parts are included.

Be sure to consider it when preordering! (∩・∀・)∩

She also looks great with another item that went up for preorder today…
Dioramansion 150: Beach

Connect, stack and display your favorite figures with these assemblable background panels!

Displaying figures with a special display often makes a collection look more appealing, but at the same time preparing a special display case is a huge amount of effort. We heard the cries for an easier display option and created this Dioramansion series of display backgrounds! They are simple to use and can be used as a photography kit or simply as a complete display background!
There are various different ways to connect the plates together allowing you to easily create your own customized display space for your figures! These new additions to the Dioramansion series are 150mm x 150mm in size which works great with Nendoroid figures!

⇒ See the complete Dioramansion 150 line-up here!

Be sure to take a look at it at the same time! ♪

↓↓ Previously Announced Aqours Nendoroids ↓↓


Nendoroid Chika Takami –

▲ Released in February 2017
Nendoroid You Watanabe –

▲ Released in May 2017
–  Nendoroid Riko Sakurauchi –

▲ Planned for Release in June 2017
Nendoroid Yoshiko Tsushima –

▲ Planned for Release in July 2017

Nendoroid Hanamaru Kunikida –

▲ Planned for Release in August 2017

 Nendoroid Ruby Kurosawa 

▲Planned for Release in September 2017

– Nendoroid Dia Kurosawa –

▲Planned for Release in September 2017

– Nendoroid Kanan Matsuura –

▲Planned for Release in October 2017

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