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What exactly counts as ones ‘first love’? Is it the first time you feel something for someone, or only once you start taking it seriously? Do you have to succeed?

But anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the second Metamoroid…
Metamoroid Luluco!

From the anime series ‘Space Patrol Luluco’ comes a transforming figure of the middle school student that lives in OGIKUGO – Luluco! The figure features Luluco dressed up in her Patrol Suit, but can miraculously transform into ‘Gun Mode’ for a completely different appearance! Transform her in the name of Justice!

Be sure to also check out Nendoroid Luluco, which will be up for preorder at the same time!



From Hiroyuki Imaishi’s latest original anime series ‘Space Patrol Luluco‘ comes a figure of the completely normal high school student herself – Luluco! The series is animated by TRIGGER, best known for their work on KILL la KILL and Little Witch Academia! ★

Each episode is only around seven minutes long making it a rather quick watch, but even so it is a lovely “Intergalactic First Love Story” filled with the energy that TRIGGER is so well known for! 

 ⇒ Space Patrol Luluco Official Site


Anyway, let’s get back to the figure, starting with a look from the back! ♪

△Even with the chibi design the back has nice attention to detail!

The arms are connected with a ball joint allowing them to move around into various different poses, and the elbows also have a point of articulation for poses with bent arms! The legs can also be moved left and right from the knees down which allows for various different nuances! ☆

As long as you can get her to balance you can display her in all sorts of poses! ♪

But that isn’t the main part of this figure! For those of you who don’t know, the Metamoroid series of figures feature the ability to transform into something else!

⇒ Metamoroid #1: Metamoroid wooser

Those of you who have seen the series will already know where this is going!! She transforms exactly like she does in the series!!

Ta-da! /

The best thing about the transformation is that no parts are added during the process whatsoever! The transformation is all done just with the figure as it is!! (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾

Let’s take a closer look at the transformation! ♪

Remove the legs, belt, and air tank parts.

▼ Bent the head upward.

▼ Open her sides out.

Pull out the parts from her upper body.

▼ Spin the parts around with the legs!

▼ Adjust the direction of the arms.

▼ Reattach the leg parts.

▼ Reattach the air tank part.

▼ Slide the belt on.


It’s quite amazing transform her from human form into gun form without adding or removing any parts! Be sure to add your very own transforming Luluco to your collection… for Justice!!
Metamoroid Luluco!

She’ll be up for preorder from Friday the 24th June 2016!

But there is also another figure that will be joining her for preorders…!

I’ll be taking a look at her tomorrow!!

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Finally a quick notice!

The WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 24 site has been opened today!!

You can see more information about this year’s Wonder Festival booth at the official page below!


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