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Today I will be continuing my coverage of the Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition Winter 2016! You can find the previous article in the series here!

What is the Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition?

The event is a special industry-only exhibition run by Good Smile Company which allows dealers and the media to get a close look at upcoming releases from various manufacturers. The event includes the most recent works of various different companies!

Today I’m going to be taking a look at some of Max Factory’s goodies as well as some other items that caught my attention from other companies!

– Max Factory –

Scale figures, figma and plastic models! ♪

* The smiley face is for items that were not allowed to be photographed!

Hatsune Miku: Orange Blossom Ver.

The pearl paintwork makes her look so pretty and shiny!

It really looks like she has jumped right out of the Project DIVA 2nd game! ☆

Cherno Alpha

This figure also features a lighting effect!

See here for an example ⇒ http://whl4u.jp/wh23/exhibit/gallery/en/#142

IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls and LoveLive figma!

Different idols come together in the figma world! ♡

figma Mika Jougasaki: 346 Production ver. is currently up for preorder! (●´ω`●)

figma Saitama


The long awaited figma of the strongest hero alive! That expression is perfect…!

figma Prinz Eugen

“Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen, heading out!”

The ship parts give her impressive volume for a figma! I can’t wait to see what expressions she will come with! ♪

figFIX Kinomoto Sakura: Battle Costume ver.

I’m sure fans will remember this outfit well! ★

The use of translucent sections on the outfit makes for a very faithful rendition of the outfit! A lovely 1/12 scale figure of Sakura and Kero-chan!

– Phat! Company –

Lots of cute girls… and a ninja!

Minami Niita: LOVE LAIKA Ver., Azusa Miura, Ami & Mami Futami!

The ongoing IDOLM@STER Blu-ray&DVD series as well as a figure to display together with Anastasia: LOVE LAIKA Ver.! ♥︎

figma Ninja Slayer: Animation Ver.

“Domo. I am figma Ninja Slayer: Animation Ver.”

The scarf is fitted with joints all the way along allowing for all sorts of epic ninja poses! (●´ω`●)

– FREEing –

Huge bunny girls and Berserk figures! ☆

Fate T Harlaown, Vita

The included parts and effect parts look fantastic!

Both of them look ready – and confident – for battle!


Mirai Kasuga – Million Spark! –

The enthusiastic young idol posed showing off her hard work on stage! I can’t wait to see her painted!! ♡


All sorts of Nendoroids, figma and scale figures!

Both the Nendoroid and figma series are ‘open architecture’, meaning that other companies are also able to release figures under the brand name!

Anyway, that’ all for GSC distributed figures! Now let’s take a look at a few unrelated items that I found interesting! ♪


Ball jointed chibi Haikyu!! mascots, and Osomatsu-san beanbag plushies!

– Sol International –

The Rin Matsuoka figure introduced during the WonFes night-time live broadcast! I get the feeling preorders are going to be opening soon…!


A reasoning card game based at the end of the Edo era! You take the role of one of the notable personalities of the era and try to find out who the other players are! (゚∀゚*)ノ


More and more characters joining the ‘held-up’ rubber straps! The Saiyans look great!!


More and more figures are joining the ‘minissimo’ series of chibi articulated figures! I wonder what will be joining next…


The Matsuno brothers as BEAR BRICKs! I love the shapes of their mouths! ★

– Orchid Seed –

The metallic paintwork really stood out on this one! The purple colors also make for a rather unique figure!


Scale figures from ‘ALL OUT!!’! Just look at those impressive muscles!! (/ω\)


De La Fille from Granblue Fantasy!! The amount of details on this one is absolutely stunning, and I really can’t wait to see her in color!! (✿´ ꒳ ` ) ♪

– Daimou –

These kigurumi memo pads were too cute to not take a photo of! (*´Д`)=з

– movic –

Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan and Kero-chan in a lovely DX set! Cute little heart-shaped bases are also included!

– Ken Elephant –

Such classic packaging! This will tickle the nostalgia of many toy collectors!! ♥︎


A collaboration between the world-wide popular Mr.COLOR paint and DANBO!!! These will be released as capsule toys!!

I’m sure there was something for everyone at the event!

These were only a few things on display, I wish I could show everything but I just don’t have the time unfortunately! ((>д<))

Be sure to see the respective companies site for more details on each item!!

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