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Whenever I sit in box seating on trains, I always get the feeling I’m going on holiday! I also always feel like eating something seen you get a table in front of you!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at an item going up for preorder tomorrow from Max Factory!

The 1/7th Scale…

Aoi Sakurai!

The troublemaker with unparalleled accuracy and a hatred of men.

From the anime series ‘RAIL WARS!’ comes a 1/7th scale figure of Aoi Sakurai! The figure is based on the cover illustration of the original novel’s second volume.

Everything about the original illustration has been faithfully included on the figure – down to the ripped stockings and the smaller details on items such as her pistol and ID card. Her left hand is shaped like a pistol, ready to fire right through the heart of her fans!

Oooooooooooooohhh!! (*´Д`)=з

The tomboyish, confident young woman with skill in both ranged and close combat! She is also the well-known troublemaker from the Tokyo Central Railway Public Security Office Defence Four Squad, who will jump right into the deep end whenever something happens! A scale figure of Aoi Sakurai!! 

Her left hand is placed in a gun pose with a rather playful wink on her face! It all comes together for a very sexy pose! (/ω\)

This is how she looks from the back! ☆


The way her hair is tied up giving a little peek at her ears is lovely and all, but I think most people’s eyes will head down to those rather soft looking curves first! The combination of the tight skirt and the pose make for an eye catching sculpt!

Then if we take a look from a higher angle…

She has her ID Card held in her mouth, her blouse unbuttoned at the top showing off her neckline and torn stockings showing off even more bare skin!

A rather unique pose that shows off both her personality and her beautiful body! ♡

As mentioned in the product description above, the pose is based on the cover illustration of the original novel’s second volume! (`・ω・´)ゞ

△ Displayed together with the book!

Just look at how close it is to the original! Not only the sculpt, but the paintwork as well…

(・∀・) “We really tried our best to capture the charm of Vania 600’s illustration!”

We’re joined by the figure’s planner, Kaneko Nitohei (Max Factory)! 

(・∀・) “The way Vania 600 makes use of reds, or gives the stockings an almost transparent look were all very carefully considered… we had many meetings discussing how the painting would be done!” 

The gradient on the jacket and skirt look exactly like they did in the illustration!! (; ・`д・´)

The sculpting of the stockings is incredible, but even more so is the way you can make out the more stretched out areas by the paintwork!

(・∀・) “The ‘aspect of stocking‘ really comes out nicely on the figure! Just look at the knees and under the feet to see the stretch effect and creases at the very best!”

The aspect of stocking…!! 

(What an incredible choice of words from Kaneko Nitohei!! (●´ω`●) )

As mentioned above, the sole of her foot is amazing!

△ Note the lighter area of her heel, and the creases at the arch of her foot!

(・∀・) “We also paid very careful attention to all the smaller items included with her or on her outfit… for example her belt buckle…”

△ If you look from this angle you can see the amazing detail!

(・∀・) “Her railroad security officer ID with the emblem, as well as the pistol holster at her side as well! Also note the bunched-up sleeve…”

△ Personally I really love the muscle you can see on the arm too!

(・∀・) “By the way, I think the final product will allow you to place the five bullets however you please! They might be small, but they are still detailed!”

△ Her pistol for self-defence is also looking great! ♪

(・∀・) “A figure that can be enjoyed from almost any angle!”

Filled with details and sculpted with love!

The 1/7th scale…

Aoi Sakurai

She will be up for preorder from tomorrow on the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP!

Check the GSC Official Site or GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP for more details tomorrow!

*Note that this product is exclusive to the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP in Japan, but will be sold overseas through standard distributors.

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