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I was told that a light snow has started outside, but my seat is quite far from the windows so I still haven’t confirmed this for myself… apparently it was even snowing in some places this morning, but around my house it was just cold with no pretty snow! Maybe I’ll get to see some on the way home!

Anyway, today I’ll be moving onto the last part of my Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition Winter 2015 report!

What is the Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition?

The event is a special industry-only exhibition run by Good Smile Company which allows dealers and the media to get a close look at upcoming releases from various manufacturers.

You can find the previous parts of the series here: 
Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition Winter 2015: Part 1 (GSC)
Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition Winter 2015: Part 2 (MXF and others)


Today I’ll be looking at items from manufacturers NOT distributed by GSC! There are items I personally found interesting, but there were of course many more up on display as well! (`・ω・´)ゞ


– Algernon Product –

GEOGRAPER Tokyo Scenery vol.1

△ Keep a little version of Tokyo right in your very own home!
I’m sure it could be fun to use with other figures like figmas too!
(TL Note: Think of the magical potential too! Just need Bob…)


Algernon Product Official Site: http://www.algernonproduct.co.jp/


– WAVE – 

Lingerie Style Saber
– Special Premium Edition –

△ I want all of them! Such exquisite poses! (/ω\)

WAVE Official Site: http://www.hobby-wave.com/


– Vertex – 

Maria Naruse

△ A cute face and faithful outfit design! 
There are certain areas that really grab your attention no matter what…




– Oh-ami –

Tail Red

△ A lovely dynamic pose with the all important twin-tails!
I can’t wait to see her painted! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Oh-ami Official Site (AmiAmi): http://www.amiami.jp/


– Orca Toys –

Demonic Beast Sirene

△ What a piece of art! Just look at the curves and twists of her body!
 Orca Toys Official Site: http://orcatoys.com/

-Kaitendoh/Lechery –

Super Sonico: Bikini ver.

△ The Japanese product name is ‘Paisla’ bikini version!
Pai is for ‘Oppai’, Sla is for ‘Slash’! I’m sure you can figure out why!
The unsure look on her face makes it perfect! ★

Kaitendoh Official Site: http://kaitendoh.com/
Lechery Official Site: http://lechery.biz/



– Ken Elephant –

De Lorean

△ We’re in 2015! Where is my hover board?!

Ken Elephant Official Site: http://kenelephant.co.jp/



Anzu’s Bunny Plushie (and others)

△ With that T-shirt and this plushie, anyone can be Anzu-chan! ♡

COSPA Official Site: http://www.cospa.com/


– Sol International –

LoveLive! First Fan Book Ver.
(Each sold separately)

△ The μ’s members altogether! There is also a bonus of you collect them all!
See the official site below for details!

Sol International Official Site: http://www.sol-i.co.jp/


– Daiki Kougyou –

Kie Okuyama

△ A rather bizarre combination of snowboarding and swimsuit! ♡
The cuteness might just warm up the ski slope a bit! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Daiki Kougyou Official Site: http://www.daikikougyou.com/

– Takara Tomy Arts –

Optimus Prime Featuring Original PlayStation

△ Transform into the original PlayStation!
The miniature ‘Everyone’s Golf’ brings back memories!! ♪

Takara Tomy Arts Official Site: http://www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/


– PLUM –

Sakura Kinomoto ~Angel Crown~

△ I love this outfit on Sakura-chan!!
The floating pose and colors are also lovely! (*゚ー゚*)

PLUM Official Site: http://www.pmoa.co.jp/



1/12 Realistic Weapon Series: Realistic Handguns – Silver Coating ver. (6 Types)

△ Perfect for figma figures!
Create original action scenes by adding them to your favorite characters!

PLATZ Official Site: http://www.platz-hobby.com/



Expelled from Paradise Acrylic Key-chain Sets

△ These are currently up for preorder! Don’t miss out!

HOBBY STOCK  Official Site: http://www.hobbystock.jp/


– Milestone –

BathDefo Figure: Misaka Mikoto

△ A series that lets you enjoy your favorite chibi characters in the tub! ♥♡
There are already other products in the series!

Milestone Official Site http://www.mile-stone.jp/ja/


– MOVIC – 

Cardcaptor Sakura: Karakore DX 

△ There are also other Sakura-chan outfits, Tomoyo, Syaoran and more! ♪


VCD Olaf (and more)

△ Olaf has an amazing presence in the Vinyl Collectable Dolls series!
Give him a nice icy hug!

MEDICOM TOY Official Site: http://www.medicomtoy.co.jp/



Motoko Kusanagi

△ Sexy and confident! Filled with the charms of the major!
The lines of her stomach and hipbone are hard to look way from!!

UNION CREATIVE Official Website: http://www.union-creative.jp/

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That’s all for this time around! If you saw any items that interested you, be sure to take a look at each of the companies websites!!

Once again a big thank you to all the companies that took part in the event! (`・ω・´)

The Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition will be back again in Summer! 

I hope to see all the same companies and more!!

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Finally a quick notice! 

Nendoroid Hanayo Koizumi

She is available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP until 21:00JST tomorrow!!

As with all of the LoveLive! Nendoroids she comes with a GSC Online bonus of a special Nendoroid stand (striped) as well as Nendoroid stand extension parts! ♥︎

Don’t miss out!!! 

Nendoroid Hanayo Koizumi (GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP)

△ This expression is just too cute!!

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