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I swear I didn’t spend my Valentine’s weekend eating nothing but chocolate, but I do think I might hold off on any chocolate for awhile…

Anyway, let’s get back on track with the blog! 

Today I’ll be continuing from last week’s  Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition Winter 2015: Part 1! Today will be part two!

What is the Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition?

The event is a special industry-only exhibition run by Good Smile Company which allows dealers and the media to get a close look at upcoming releases from various manufacturers.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the items on display from Max Factory and other manufacturer’s distributed by GSC! (`・ω・´)ゞ

– Max Factory –

△ Lots of new goodies on display!
So much to look forward to! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ


Let’s take a look at each category in turn, starting with…

– Scale Figures –


△ Link looking confident and strong! A long awaited scale figure!


△ A figure made in the image of the training on the ruined waterfront!
The sculpt of the water and details on her body are simply outstanding! (。・ω・)ノ

Aoi Sakurai

△ Those torn black stockings… plus one foot without a shoe… (/ω\)
A figure fun to look at from all sorts of angles!

– figma –

figma Uzuki Shimamura

△ Shibuya Rin wasn’t here as she was off for release photos… which means…?!

figma Angela Balzak, figma Honoka Kousaka, figma Yu Narukami

△ The other μ’s members have also been announced as figmas! ♪

figma Kitakami, figma Yukikaze, figma Yoshika Miyafuji Shinden ver. 

△ More and more Kanmusu for the collection!
Plus an all new Strike Witches figma! ♪

– figFIX –

figFIX Mutsu: Half-Damage ver.

△ What a very sexy Mutsu!! (*´¬`*) Can’t wait to see her painted! 

– Other Figures –

All sorts of other figures from KanColle, Gargantia, Pacific Rim and more! Plus all new plastic models are also on the way!

※ figma Funasshi is a figma by FREEing.

Plus something I’m personally really looking forward to…

figma and figFIX from CLAMP series! ♡

I really can’t wait! (●´ω`●)

You can find more of these display panels over on the WonHobby 21 Exhibit Map & Gallery! ⇒ WonHobby 21 Exhibit Map & Gallery

Anyway, let’s carry on with some of the other manufacturers! ☆

△ The scale figures really stand out!!!

– Phat! Company – 

△ A line-up filled with cutegirls! Just looking at it makes me feel happy inside!

Medicchu Yamato, Medicchu Yukikaze

△ Even as a chibi character Yamato has such huge ship parts! ♥︎
Yukikaze’s smile is also priceless! I can’t wait to get a closer look!

Medicchu Angela Balzak

△ The base is amazing! She is so very cute too! Great job Phat!

Scale Figures: Takane Shijou, Makoto Kikuchi & Yukiho Hagiwara

Takane Shijou is currently up for preorder on the GSC Online Shop! ☆

– FREEing –

– Hatsune Miku V3 –

△ She is a huge 1/4th scale figure! Just look at the dynamic flow of her hair too!
I’m sure I’ll be taking a closer look at her on the blog soon!

Momo Velia Deviluke & Yami: Yukata Ver.

△ FREEing’s Y-STYLE series’ newest additions! Rather sexy ones at that!

figma Venus de Milo

△ The second in The Table Museum series!
Based on the poses in the back…. arm parts are also included?!

– WING & Penguin Parade – 

△ Scale figures looking absolutely lovely!

Muramasa Sansei: Bunny Ver.

△ Dark skin with a white bunny outfit! Lovely contrast! 

Miyuki Shiba

△ Such a gentle look on her face as she spins around! 


Nendoroid Miyabi Kinugawa

△ A new friend to join the Tetsudo Musume collection!
I want to see her bonus parts! ♥︎


△ Figures overflowing with movement and beauty!

 “Red Saber” – Mode Red

△ A very handsome looking Saber! Look at those sexy curves!!

Yukikaze: Major Damage Ver.

△ You don’t even have to use your imagination to see though this one piece!
I’ll be taking a closer look on the blog soon!

Well? What did you think?! Are there any items that tickle your fancy?

Next time I’ll be taking a look at all the remaining companies! (・∀・) 

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Finally a quick reminder!

The WonFes products are still available for order until Monday!!

Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Bell Ver.

Price: ¥4,500
Estimated Shipping Date: July 2015
GSC Online:: http://goodsmile-wf-global.ecq.sc/wh21gscnenwd00001.html
Blog Article: Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Bell Ver.


Nendoroid Battleship Re-Class

Price: ¥5,000
Estimated Shipping Date: July 2015
GSC Online:: http://goodsmile-wf-global.ecq.sc/wh21gscnenwd00002.html
Blog Article: Nendoroid Battleship Re-Class


figma Snow Miku: Snow Bell ver.

Price: ¥4,500
Estimated Shipping Date: July 2015
GSC Online:: http://goodsmile-wf-global.ecq.sc/wh21maxfigwd00001.html
Blog Article: figma Snow Miku: Snow Bell ver.


figma Saber: Dress ver.

Price: ¥5,000
Estimated Shipping Date: July 2015
GSC Online:: http://goodsmile-wf-global.ecq.sc/wh21maxfigwd00002.html
Blog Article: figma Saber: Dress ver.


Nendoroid More: Dress-up Swimsuits

Price: ¥4,800 (Box of 6)
Estimated Shipping Date: April 2015
GSC Online:: http://goodsmile-global.ecq.sc/evegscothwd00005.html


Don’t miss your chance!!



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See you all again next week!!

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