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Kahotan is still away in France, so today I will be taking over for her! My name is Hamako and I’m also a member of GSC’s planning team! I believe that Kahotan will be bringing me delicious chocolate back from France, so I will do my best to fill in for her today! ^^

Today I’ll be taking a look at a figure that will be up for preorder next week:

Nendoroid Super Sonico: Working Set!

Nendoroid Super Sonico is back again in a different version which includes outfits from the anime series ‘SoniAni’! The set allows you to pose Sonico hard at work as a gravure idol with both a ‘maid body’ as well as a ‘bikini body’!


She comes with both a maid outfit and a bikini!! (///∇//)

Let me get my camera ready and start grabbing more shots!! ♡

“Welcome home, Master! ♡”

I’ll be starting off with the maid outfit!

The angelic smile on her face is enough to make me crack a smile too!

One of Sonico’s many appealing points is of course her rather impressive bust, and this outfit ensures that you won’t get away without noticing that! I also love the way that her headdress is a part of her headphones! Lovely!

A little tea set is also included, perfect to have Maid Sonico deliver some tea to you! ♪

The Nendoroid-sized tea set is absolutely adorable! A little work of art!!

Let’s take a slightly closer look at that cleavage tea set!

Next up we have her bikini!!

Waaaaahhh!! (*゚∀゚)=3

I never thought I’d see a Nendoroid with such impressive boobies!! She’s even taking the classic gravure pose of pushing them together with her arms…!

But personally… I think a look from the back might be even better!

Such a soft touchable feeling around her hips, bottom and thighs!
Not to mention the tie-on bikini!( ゚∀゚)o彡

It’s a pretty rare thing to see a Nendoroid with such a sexy body!

The Nendoroid only comes with a single expression due to the two separate bodies, however you can definitely combine this ‘Working Set’ with the previously released ‘Tiger Hoodie Ver.’ to add a whole bunch of new options for Sonico!

Come on! Tiger Hoodie Ver.!!

The Tiger Hoodie Ver. comes with three different expressions, which can combine with the Working Set for poses like…

Maid Sonico with a lovely smile!

Maid Sonico singing with her guitar!

Bikini Sonico, winking at the camera!

The expressions are all so delicious! Yummy! ♡♡♡
(Kahotan always says things are delicious, so I thought I’d join her!)

By the way, for those of you who don’t have the Tiger Hoodie Ver, worry not! She will be rereleased at the same time as Nendoroid Super Sonico: Working Set, so you can easily grab both of them together!

Don’t miss out on your chance for all sorts of Sonico poses! ♪

Nendoroid Super Sonico: Working Set

She’ll be up for preorder together with the Tiger Hoodie Ver.’s rerelease from the 8th July 2014! Don’t miss out!
Finally a quick notice!

This Sunday there will be a special blog update!
*English translated version will be available on Monday.

By the looks of the title…
the guest writer is someone everyone should recognise!

Mikatan’s 1-Day Return! A Message from Anime Expo”

Look forward to it! ♡

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Kahotan Hamako’s Inner Voice\

( ・∀・) .。0 (Noo! I fell asleep with my stomach showing…)
( ( ・∀・).。0 (…I get the feeling I caught a Summer cold!)
∪( ∪ ∪

Anyways, see you again next week!!

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