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My name is Hamako from GSC’s planning team, and I will once again be taking over the blog for Kahotan while she is away in France! I’ve somehow managed to catch a bit of a Summer cold, so I’ll be writing with a bit of a snuffly nose…

Today I will be introducing a figure up for preorder tomorrow…

Nendoroid Satsuki Kiryuin!

From the popular anime series ‘KILL la KILL’ comes a Nendoroid of Satsuki Kiryuin, Honnouji Academy’s Student Council president who rules through unquestionable force and fear. She comes with both her standard confident expression, a powerful shouting expression as well as her beloved sword ‘Bakuzan’ in both sheathed and unsheathed forms.

A special stand is also included made to look like the rooftop of Honnouji Academy, where she often stood and looked down upon the other students. Be sure to display her with the Nendoroid Ryuko Matoi and Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku to recreate all sorts of scenes from the series!


Following on from the previously released Nendoroid Ryuko Matoi and Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku comes the long awaited third Nendoroid from Kill la Kill – Satsuki-sama looking as imposing as ever even in Nendoroid size! ♡

First up we have this memorable pose!

You’ll notice from this photo that Satsuki-sama comes with both sheathed and unsheathed versions of her sword, Bakuzan’! She’ll look great posed in combat scenes with Ryuko and her Scissor Blade! ^^

“Nothing clouds my benevolent leadership!”

Along with her standard expression she also comes with a powerful shouting expression! Somehow even though she looks so imposing, the Nendoroid design still keeps it looking cute at the same time! ♡

Next up is one of my favorite optional parts!

A stand based on the rooftop of Honnouji Academy!

You can even pose her walking up the stairs up onto the rooftop, just like in the series! I can just hear her heels stomping up the stairs…!

Once she is at the top, you can have her take perhaps the most well known pose of all!

“You’re all just pigs in human clothing!”


I just love how she is looking down on me!! (///∇///)
Plus! this pose comes with an extra little option too!

“Attention! All salute the Student Council President, Satsuki Kiryuin!”
(To be read in Gamagoori-senpai’s voice)

Satsuki comes with the a ‘Student Council President’ plate in huge red lettering from the series – taken directly from TRIGGER’s original work! It really brings across the atmosphere of the series so effectively! Satsuki-sama looks even more imposing than before!!

The plate connects in like this:

The Plate holder (1) connects onto the Nendoroid stand, while the plate then slides in at point (2)! You could easily slide in some other backgrounds as well!

Displaying her with Nendoroid Ryuko Matoi and Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku makes for a scene filled with fun!

Just like the previous Nendoroids in the series, she is filled with fun parts and options to enjoy!

Nendoroid Satsuki Kiryuin

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 8th July!

…( ´ノω`)
You can also swap Nendoroid Ryuko’s body to recreate Satsuki-sama: Senketsu Ver. from episode 20…!

*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ She’s adorable!! (´▽`) *:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ 

Finally a little extra bit of info!

Orders from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will get two additional text plates as a bonus!

゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ ゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ ゚・*:.。..。.:*・

KahotanHamako’s Inner Voice\

( ・∀・) .。0 (“You filthy pig!!”)
( ( ・∀・).。0 (…I wish Satsuki would come by and say that to me…)
∪( ∪ ∪

Anyways, see you again tomorrow!!

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