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Right! Today I’m going to be taking a look at this lovely figure!

“I think… that I can now do enough to truly
make someone happy. I really do.”

If Mayushii is smiling, everyone will be happy!

Nendoroid Mayu Shimada

From the anime ‘Wake Up, Girls!’ comes a Nendoroid of one of the ‘Wake up, Girls!’ idol group members, Mayu Shimada! She is sculpted wearing the stage outfit from the final episode’s live concert – the concert where she sings ‘7 girls war’, which is also the opening theme of the series.

She comes with a smiling expression and singing expression both perfect to pose her performing on stage, and a variety of other optional parts are also included, which allow you to recreate all sorts of dance moves from ‘7 girls war’!

The first Nendoroid from the ‘WUG’ or ‘Wake Up Girls!’ idol group is none other than the main character of the series, Mayu Shimada! The outfit she is wearing is proof of her victory in the regional preliminary contests, and is sure to spark some lovely memories in fans of the series! The colorful outfit made the paintwork a little complex in Nendoroid size, but she has come out looking lovely!

The best thing about this Nendoroid is that you can recreate a number of the dance scenes from the song! I love cute girls that sing and dance for me, which makes all the different possible variations allows for perfect for me! (@_@;)))

Be sure to play the famous WUG song ‘7 Girls War’ through your head while looking through these photos!

\Let’s get going! Wake Up,Girls! /

This pose is from the very start of the song, where the members all jump up! Special bent left and right arms along with bent leg parts make this pose possible! Combined with the smiling expression makes for a very cheerful looking Mayushii for fans to enjoy! (o´∀`o)ノ

As you may have noticed she also comes with hand parts that allow you to pose her making ‘WUG”s W sign! A pose that is often taken while on stage in their songs!

\ Big, Big Changing ~ /

The bent legs in the jumping pose are very bent… but she also comes with slightly less bent legs for this pose! (`・ω・´)

The expression here is a singing face, which has the mouth a little open together with a confident gaze! It brings out Mayushii’s personality nicely!

\ Dreams are Still Far Away /

Punching one hand into the air in a dynamic pose that looks like she could really start dancing at any second!

The smiling face suits her dance poses so beautifully! Also take a close look at her shoulders! The gorgeous golden paintwork can be seen all over her design – the shoulders, shoes, buttons and hair accessory!

\ Change into Seven Stars~! /

You can even pose her during her solo performance!! Even in Nendoroid size she is faithfully only pointing the seven fingers! (*・∀-)b

\ Onto the Final Cut /

Here it is! The classic pose with an outstretched hand – a must have for any idol! After the lyrics of the song are finished the girls all take a pose, and this is Mayushii’s pose at the end of the song!

The twisting of her hips and bent leg give off a bit more of a mature air to the pose, while the smiling face brings across her confidence… I can’t get enough of it! (*´~`*)

Obviously you can also combine the various parts to create your very own original poses as well – there are so many different options! Be sure to add Mayushii to your collection!

Nendoroid Mayu Shimada!

She will be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 4th July from 12:00JST!

There will also be a special bonus for orders from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP! All orders there will receive the scrunchie that Mayushii was given by Yoshino Nanase in episode 11 of the anime series! (`・д・´)

You can see it in use here!

(Tied around her left wrist)

For more details be sure to check the GSC Website tomorrow!

Anyway, that’s all from me today! Thanks for reading!

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