Greetings people of Earth!

My name is Shashaki, a member of GSC’s production team! As I’m sure most of you already know, Kahotan is currently off playing in on a business trip in France, so I have been tasked with writing today’s blog! Why she asked me… a member of the production team… to try and take over the blog for a day is beyond me. I’m no good at this kind of thing!

That said… there are a lot of members on the Good Smile Lab blog team who are in the production team…. I can’t lose to them! I must write a blog that is at least a little bit interesting!! No… I think I’ll try and write a blog good enough to steal away the blog from Kahotan forevermore!!

Today’s blog will be focusing on….

The Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest #3

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This contest is basically a company-wide contest where all staff members can try to make something to win a prize! The deadline was the 30th June so all the entries should be in! Let’s go take a look!

Waaaa-! So many!!

Chaos! Panic! Pandemonium!!

There are way more than when I looked the other day! I guess everyone was waiting until the last minute to perfect their entries… creators love waiting until the last second of the deadline!

I’m going to be taking a look at the Built from Scratch and Kits sections of the entries today!


The powerful looking Gamagoori looks ready to show off his strength! He’s maybe even a little TOO big! Here he is in the arm’s of his creator, Takano-san!

It really is huge!!

Too huge! That’s not a figure anymore, it’s a weapon named Gamagoori!

Anyway, let’s move on!

Everything certainly has their own unique charm, but I had to take a closer look at this strangely high quality… Kita Kita Oyaji!

It seems it was made by one ‘Kita Kita Ojisan’… I wonder what compelled him to put so much effort into this…! Kita Kita Ojisan is rather well known for displaying rather… ‘questionable’ figures on his desk, but it seems he also has something for old men with leg hair!

Anyway! I can’t let the article get too long, so let me move onto the Kits section!

Tsukamoto-san’s mad ‘IDOLMUST@NG’ is quite the sight, filled with love for the series! Even the hard to see areas are covered up!

We also have finisher Noguchi-san’s amazing work from the cult classic ‘Mars Attack’. The wall behind is apparently self-made too!

A great face!!

Noguchi-san is the painter behind the 1/8th Scale Ciel Alencon – it would seem he loves both cute girls and disturbing aliens! A man with very special tastes indeed…

That brings my photos of the Built from Scratch and Kits sections to an end!

All that remains is the ‘Other’ section, but that will be covered once Kahotan returns from her journey! I expect it will be even more chaotic than today’s blog! I’d love to have added comments to each of the entries, but there were a tad too many…! Be sure to take a good look through them yourself, they are really well done for personal projects!

You can really feel everyone’s love for the figures and models they have made!!

Just in case any of you are unsure… note that everything seen on the blog here is completely done as a personal project! None of these are planned to become products! We’re just introducing them on the blog because they are awesome!

But that’s all from me today… perhaps we shall meet again!

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