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When I was really young, I used to get taken to places in the basket of a bicycle… but the one doing the pedaling wasn’t my older brother but my father! On that note, today I’m going to be taking a look at a figure that has been announced for rerelease – the 1/8th scale…

Shinobu Oshino!


From the popular anime series ‘Bakemonogatari’ comes a rerelease of the 1/8th scale Shinobu Oshino – the vampire responsible for biting Araragi. The pose is based on the package illustration of the sixth volume of the Blu-Ray & DVD cover.

She is posed seated on a mountain of doughnuts and various other trademark items from all the other characters in the series. She has a cute expression across her face as she stares ahead with a doughnut in her mouth. The whole figure is filled with highlights for fans of the series!

Shinobu-chan is back once again!! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Shinobu-chan was much more popular then expected causing stock all over to run out! We apologise for the inconvenience! There aren’t even many left in the office, but I managed to borrow one from the few remaining in the storage house! (`・ω・´;)

The moe fang you can just see over the donut is so adorable! (*´Д`)

I would be happy to become her donut and be bitten by that tooth!!!

But while Shinobu-chan herself is adorable, I also want to draw everyone’s attention to the items of the various other characters lying in the pile of donuts she uses as a base! ♡

Each of the items is very reminiscent of each character’s story… and is each sculpted with it’s own special detail!

This is how she looks from the back! (`・ω・´)

Shinobu’s hairstyle has also been sculpted straight on the mark! っ(o・ω・o)
Plus the dark shadow it casts across her pale skin makes for lovely contrast! ♥

Ah… and as I’m sure everyone has noticed… the helmet she received from Meme can be removed! ε=(。・д・。)

Plus that’s not all – Shinobu can also be removed from the stand and placed sitting elsewhere!

Tada! (`・ω・´)

The donut in her mouth can also be attached and removed as you see fit!

By removing the helmet and donut you get a much closer look at her innocent loli expression! ★

Whilst her face, body and even one-piece dress are certainly filled with a youthful charm… the fact that the shoulder strap on her one side has slipped off also gives her a slight sexy charm too! The contrast just adds to her charm! *nom nom nom* Delicious!

Her bottom area is also flat, allowing you to easily pose her sitting at the edge of a desk or shelf with her legs handing off the edge! ( -ノェ-)コッソリ

Speaking of her legs…
Just look at those dainy little feet! Each and every toe looks so lovely! (ΦωΦ)

Bare feet really are a sight to behold! Simply pick the combination of parts you like and enjoy the adorable Shinobu’s company all day long! ♡

I decided to pose her with a teacup! I love my teacups… (;´∀`)

I’m sure there is something close close to you that she’d look lovely displayed with too! The beautiful 1/8th scale vampire girl…

Oshino Shinobu!

Orders for her rerelease will be available from tomorrow from the Good Smile Online Shop!

Now a little bonus for those who read to the bottom of today’s article! The other day at the GSC-Tetsujin Cafe in Akihabara a new prototype when on display! She’s not painted yet, but…

Nendoroid Nadeko Sengoku!! ♡

Bother her hat and the coat over her shoulders have been faithfully included on the Nendoroid! ♪

The way the coat is sculpted makes it look like it’s blowing sin the wind ever so slightly… and even in small Nendoroid size the detail is amazing!

This is how she looks from the back!

I can’t wait to see the painted version!! (*´▽`*)

As soon as I get some new info I’ll be sure to let everyone know! Don’t forget that the ‘Monogatari’ Series Cafe: Second Season is currently going on at the GSC-Tetsujin Cafe and will run until the 29th of January… don’t miss out! ♥

You can reserve seats here: http://www.gstjcafe.jp/reserve/


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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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