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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

I’ve always been a fan of characters with a ‘woman’s touch’, so today I’m going to be taking a look at another one of Max Factory’s upcoming figures…

The 1/7th Scale ‘Benten’! ♡

From the popular manga serialized in ‘Monthly ASUKA’ magazine, ‘ZONE-00’ comes a 1/7th scale figure of the male character with a woman’s touch – Benten! The figure is based on a beautiful illustration by Kiyo Kyuujyuu – and has been faithfully recreated in all aspects! He is sure to capture the attention of whoever looks his way, and fans can enjoy keeping him by their side at all times!

Aahhhhh!!!!! (*´Д`)

Apologies for the long wait everyone!!

The lovely Benten is finally here! His pretty wings are opened out beautifully and long golden locks are all carefully positioned to create an amazingly dynamic pose!

It was a rather bold pose to undertake sculpting, but the details and design have been preserved beautifully! (*´▽`*)

Just look at the sculpt of each of the wings, or the details on the ornaments that spiral around his legs!

The way his outfit is gently flowing around him is also stunning… it’s really a figure that you can see has had an amazing amount of attention put into it… not to mention you can really feel the love the sculptors have for the series! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Just looking at him makes me feel all relaxed inside!!

The sculptor behind this figure is the same sculptor who brought us the 1/7th Scale Aoba – Nanako-san!♡

The amazing pose and feeling of Aoba floating through the air made this figure astounding itself… but the fact that motif items of each of the other characters in the game were included around him really made it a special figure to me!

But Benten is no exception… the detail is so astounding that the more I look at him the more I want to look!!

I grabbed this photo as the sunlight was lighting up his wings for me!

The wings are semi-transparent, so shining light on them looks really beautiful! I really love this figure so I’m going to be taking a look from every angle possible – starting with a closer look at the base! ♡

Benten stands on a log which is sitting in some rippling water! The lighting here makes the water look a bit dark, but it’s actually a rather deep green, transparent color!

Moving up just a little… look at those beautiful legs!!

Beautiful Legs!!


Benten-sama is best know for his lovely legs after all!

I hope I captured his legs in enough angles to show you just how amazing they are…! ♪

Just to once again reiterate… as I’m sure many people unfamiliar with the character may not know…

Benten-sama is 100% male! (゚A゚;)

I think that’s exactly what makes him all the more fascinating!!

That sideways glance and puckered lips… how could anyone not feel charmed by him!! (*´Д`)

(・∀・) “We really tried out best to bring out the charm of Kyuujyuu-sensei’s illustration in figure form!”

From Max Factory’s planning team… Kaneko Nitohei!

What inspired you to make a figure of Benten-sama?

(・∀・) “Nanako, the sculptor, was a big fan of the manga and made a figure as part of a Max Factory internal competition… anyone could see just how much love had been poured into it!”

(・∀・) “After the competition, we wondered if it would be possible to actually release as a product and got in contact with Kyuujyuu-sensei!”

I see! An interesting turn of events! φ(.. ) *memo*

(・∀・) “Kyuujyuu-sensei illustrated a special Benten specially to be made into a figure… and Nanako was more than happy to sculpt it! It really us a figure sculpted with love!”

Looking at the illustration you can see just how faithfully the figure is sculpted! (*´Д`)=з

(・∀・) “I know fans of Benten will enjoy this figure, but I think it’s also impressive enough to be bought by figure fans that don’t even know the series. You won’t be disappointed!”

You really do need to see the detail of the sculpt for yourself! It’s astounding!

He looks lovely with a Skytree backdrop!

(・∀・) “We also got in contact with the publishers of Monthly ASUKA magazine, and they agreed to publish this Benten on the back cover of the issue releasing on the 24th January!”

Ooh! What lovely news! ♪
I don’t suppose you have any other good news?

(・∀・) “Well… how about… how about including an extra with the figure?!

O-Ooh?! What will it be? (゚∀゚*)

(・∀・) “Details will be up on the GSC Website next week!”

Be sure to pick him up and stare all day long!♥

The 1/7th Scale ‘Benten’! ♡

He’ll be up for preorder on the 23rd January!

Hopefully more details about the bonus will also be available then! (/ω・\)

Max Factory has really been putting some effort into male figures recently!

On that note, figma Gon Freecss, figma Killua Zaoldyeck and figma Curarpickt have all been announced for rerelease! ★

You can order them from the following pages:
figma Gon Freecss
figma Killua Zaoldyeck
figma Curarpickt

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Finally a quick notice! The WonHobby 19 Official Site was opened today!

What is WonHobby? It’s a shortened version of WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!, which refers to the joint booth of Good Smile Company and Max Factory at Wonder Festival. The booth at the upcoming Winter Wonder Festival 2014 will be the 19th time the joint team has taken part in the event.

You can find the website here:

On the website you can take a look at all the goodies that will be on sale at the event as well as some of the stage information! The site is also scheduled to be updated next week at a similar time, so keep your eyes out for updates!

Next week is also the next Kahotan Station!! (`・ω・´)

Date: 24th January (Friday) from 20:00JST ~
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We’ll be focusing on the WonFes products, but some bonus new figures are also sure to make an appearance! I do hope you’ll join us!! (o・ω・o)

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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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