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In general I have to say that I prefer battles with one hero rather than armies fighting against one and other. The feeling that everything lies in the hands of the one and only hero makes it all the more exciting to me!

But anyway… today I’m going to be taking a look at a product that was announced just a little while ago…

Nendoroid Iron Patriot: Hero’s Edition

From the popular film ‘Iron Man 3’ comes a Nendoroid of the Iron Patriot! The unique design and coloring based on the American flag have been faithfully preserved in Nendoroid form, and even shrunk down into chibi size the suit looks just as epic as ever!

The Nendoroid is fully articulated just like the other Iron Man figures, allowing you to pose various scenes from the series! A special base modelled off the climax scene is included to pose him on! Be sure to display him with the previously released Iron Man Mk.42 to recreate the Iron Man world in Nendoroid form!

The colors of the American Flag make him look super heroic, and the Nendoroid design makes him super cute! ♥

As with Iron Man before him, the Iron Patriot armor is amazingly detailed! (゚A゚;)

The smallest little changes in color, and the design of everything from his head to his back… even the reverse side of his legs are faithfully shrunk down to Nendoroid size!

Even from his early production stages he was expected to be quite a nightmare for the manufacturing team… not only is the paint and sculptwork fantastic… he also has a lovely metallic appearance and is fully articulated!

He also comes with effect parts that attach to his arms and shoulders allowing from impressive combat scenes! (。・д・。) By the way – I’ve attached the gun to his right shoulder, but it can also be attached to his left instead!

Plus this time around he also comes with the ability to display him with his mask open! Inside you can see the face of Lieutenant James “Rhodey” Rhodes! ♡

(・∀・) “We actually paid special attention to the sculpting of Rhodey’s face!”

Today we’re joined by Enon-shi from the planning team!

(・∀・) “In order to recreate his facial features we had to make the nose area rounder and the lips thicker than a normal Nendoroid expression!”

Now that you mention it, it does look a little different to normal!! The mouth area in particular seems to have more to it than normal! (σ・∀・)σ

The rounded nose area gives him a very unique feeling too! Especially for a Nendoroid!

(・∀・;) “We’ve worked on a number of Nendoroids of real people in the past now… but sometimes its really difficult to get the balance between their realistic characteristics and the chibi design of the Nendoroid!”

An extra challenge compared to the normal anime Nendoroids! (((゜д゜;)))

(・∀・) “But all the trouble was worth it, as we ended up with an expression just as faithful to the original as the body itself!!”

There is another thing the Iron Man Nendoroid series has become know for… will that special something be included this time too? ((o(´∀`)o))

(・∀・) “Of course! A special stand will be included as always!!”

(・∀・) “This was made in the image of the container storage area that became the scene for the final battle in the movie!”

On the one side we have the waves giving an ocean setting, and on the other side are the containers! (*´▽`*)

These kind of stands really suit the fully-articulated Hero’s Edition Nendoroids! They bring out the atmosphere of the movie so nicely! ♡

I decided I had to pose him together with Iron Man – so here we go!
Posed with Iron Man flying around looking up at him! (`・ω・´)

This is the pose I wanted to see!! (*´▽`*)

I just had to make a pose like this! It shows how well they suit each other!!

(・∀・) “The best thing to do is think back to the movie and enjoy recreating your favorite scenes!”

Recreate even more my posing him together with Nendoroid Iron Man! ♡

Nendoroid Iron Patriot: Hero’s Edition

Orders on the GSC Online Shop are available until the 29th January! Don’t miss out!

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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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