The forbidden sculptor’s room!

Here we have Takanon’s desk! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
I always try my best not to bother any of the sculptor’s while they’re concentrating at their desks, so I tend to watch until someone leaves and then go investigate their desks, and sometimes leave some treats. :P

It seems Takanon is painting a second prototype here!
That’s just like asking me to take the prototype for a review!
Nendoroid Wakana Sakai!

From P.A.WORKS’ original animation series, ‘TARI TARI’ comes a Nendoroid of Wakana Sakai wearing her school uniform! She also comes with a load of extra parts that help you recreate several scenes, including some from the OP and ED themes!

The included extra parts are absolutely gorgeous!! (((゚Д゚)))
There are also a few other parts that aren’t in this picture, which I’ll be taking a look at as we go along!
This is how she looks from the back!

All the details and colors of the anime have faithfully been shrunk down to Nendoroid size! She really has a lovely polished feeling about her! Her ponytail is fitted with a Nendoroid joint as well!
On the way to school with her schoolbag!

The goldfish-like thing attached to her bag has a very important role in the story and I’m told a lot of work went into making it look perfect! She also comes with a bent arm which makes it look like she is on her way to school, holding onto her schoolbag as she walks along!
Dora, Dora’s food and a spoon!

Dora is the kitty that Wakana keeps at home! All the patterns are in the right places too – making sure the white spots around the eyebrows and the pattern on her back are correct is very important!

Even Dora’s paw pads are sculpted!!

They’re not just printed on, they’re actually sculpted on the underside of the paws!! I think the pads will be too small to get their own coloring, but it’s still amazing to see so much detail went into areas that you normally won’t even be able to see!

Dora also comes with some food to munch on as well as a spoon to pose Wakana feeding the kitty – always make sure she has enough food!
You can also pose her singing!

Wakana comes with two expressions, the previous smiling expression and this singing expression. She only comes with two expressions because there are so many other extra parts included with her – but even so, I think these two expressions give you a lot of different options for her.

In this photo the expression and pose make it look like she is singing, but if you change the pose a bit it could just be a really happy smile! ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ
A grand piano and sitting parts!

Finally a Nendoroid-sized piano━*・゜・*:.。.。.:*・゜(゜∀゜)゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜・*━ !!

Obviously the size is perfect for any Nendoroids, so it’s a stunning extra for people like me who love having accessories like this for figures! The piano chair is also of course included, along with sitting parts to have her playing the piano!
This is how the piano looks from the back!

There is even a rack for the sheet music, so you could make your own little sheet music to place there! At present the top of the piano cannot be closed, but there may be some changes during production – no promises though!
Miku playing the piano!

The sitting body comes from Shuukan Hajimete no Miku, while the arms and heads are from normal Miku. I’m holding her in place with double-sided tape, but I think it looks good!

It should kind of work with most characters with sitting parts, and even those who don’t it’ll be nice to display them even standing beside the piano! I guess I’ve just always wanted a Nendoroid-sized piano… :P

Wakana can be posed sitting in other places as well!

This is actually the fountain from the ED theme, which was originally never actually scheduled to be included with Wakana… but while the Nendoroid was having official photos done, Oda-P decided it needed to be included and sculpted it at the speed of light! Impressive as always!
Nendoroid Wakana Sakai!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 2nd October! (`・ω・´)

Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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