Nendoroid Petite Reset-chan! (*゚∀゚)
This little Nendoroid was a pre-order bonus for the Rance Quest game, so she is probably quite difficult to get hold of now… she’s so small, but the amount of detail is still amazing!(((゚Д゚)))

But even those who did manage to get the little Nendoroid won’t remember the little ghost beside her! The ghost belongs to the prototype I’ll be taking a look at today!
From Rance Quest:
1/8th Scale Reset Kalar!

Alicesoft ran a poll on their official site in order to select the most popular female character from their games, with the winner to be made into a figure!

The mysterious Reset Kalar from Rance Quest took first place in the poll, and thus has been made into this lovely  figure! I can just imagine her adorable voice while looking at the figure!
This is how she looks from the back!

The figure makes sure not to lose any part of the cuteness Reset-chan is known for – all the proportions are kept perfectly and the finest details are included to create a quality product that fans can be proud of!

The pose has a lovely dynamic feel to it, as if she is about to dash forward. I also love the way her skirt is fluttering around!
She’ll be gorgeous when she grows up!

Although I guess she is already more than gorgeous enough! Reset really is such a perfect example of cuteness, and the figure brings it out so nicely!
Some lower angle shots!

I feel a little bad taking pictures of her down at this angle…. but it’s my job! I have to!! Look at the lovely soft looking area just beneath her knees, not to mention the creases in her tights!

The slightly thicker area between her calves and ankles really makes the legs look wonderful! The work that sculptors do never ceases to amaze me!
Such beautiful coloring!

Reset-chan doesn’t use that many colors, but the contrast between the colors are truly beautiful! The little areas of moss green and shiny gold really give the figure an elegant look, and the light colors on the outfit also match up with her blue hair so nicely!
You can see the weight of the dress!

The way she has been sculpted really gives you a feel for the gravity pulling down on the skirt. Just imagine for a second that she let go – can’t you just see the dress falling down? Not to mention the material of the skirt looks so soft and silky to the touch… I could look at her for ages and never get bored!
A ghost of Queen Pastel is included!

She even comes with a little stand to display her floating up beside Reset-chan! She is made from transparent clear parts and has a cute expression!
The sculpting of the pleats is stunning!

It’s not a part of the figure that you’ll notice at first, but I love the way you can see her leg distorting the pleats in the dress!

If you decide to grab her, be sure to take the time to look at every inch of her so you don’t miss out on incredible little details like this one!
From Rance Quest:
1/8th Scale Reset Kalar!
She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!! (`・ω・´)
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But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛