My desk is being invaded by giants!!
Leaving your desk in the GSC offices often leads to pranks like this…

Often you’ll find the poses of your figures have been changed, or someone has left some treats ot scribbles for you. Today I came back to this army of prototypes, so I better get started reviewing them!

They are really humongous!

Today I’ll be taking a look at the figure in the middle here!
The AnkouEX figures from ADVENTURE KARTEL!
From the ‘ADVENTURE KARTEL’ series comes a number of different figures of the Ankou Sentry built to fight against the large Zombs, AnkouEX. The AnkouEx is a larger version of the Ankou Sentry with a number of bags hanging at his waist, each figure truly gives the overwhelming presence they deserve! To give you an idea who is who in this photo…

・ The Ankou Sentry on the left is a good guy!
・ On the rightis a Zomb, the bad guys!
・ The middle one was made to fight against large Zombs!
・ The little doughnut animal has nothing to do with them!

At least, that’s how I’ve been told the ADVENTURE KARTEL universe works! I hope I haven’t mixed something up horribly… I’m sorry if I have!
The Hoodzomb is already available!

This is a sample and it really shows off threeA’s the apperance and texture of the clothes on their figures! I love the way the color is faded on the bumps and wrinkles of the clothes!
The boots are also so detailed!!

Even the sole of the shoe is sculpted! The stitching along the shoes is also incredible, but it’s quite hard to see in this photo unfortunately. I don’t think many people realize just hoe incredibly intricate threeA’s figures are!
But anyway, after that quick detour let’s get back to the AnkouEX series!
First up is the C.O.S.D version!

Apparently the thing covering his head is part of a ‘Ghillie Suit’, basically it’s a camoflage suit to keep yourself hidden from your enemies! Although, I think it just makes him stick out even more when he’s on my desk… :P
He has so many bags at his waist!

They’re the perfect size to hold a Nendoroid! Which goes to show just how big they are! The bags also have really detailed clips that actually work to hold them closed! You can see on just below Miku’s hand in this picture.
This is how it looks from the back!

That big rounded back and huge flat feet really give him a nice stable feeling. He also stands out nicely and is quite easy and fun to pose! I think he’ll look great at the entrance to a home!
The Ghillie suit hood can be removed!

You can even put it on some other figures like this! I think something like this must be quite rare in the figure world… it could be used for a figure survival games! :P
Next up, the SHADOW SECURITY version!

That painted smile is lovely! The ‘Shadow’ name also suits his black body nicely. The zips on the clothes can open and close on all four of the figures as well, so you can display them with the chests showing for a slightly different feel!
The rim of the hood has a wire!

Such incredible attention to detail! It keeps the shape of the hood nicely so you can still see the face through the hood! This is the only one of the four that has a hood like this.
The body has a lovely rusted look!

Even though you’d never be able to see this area with the coat on, it’s still so detailed!! I think it would be quite difficult to remove the coat entirely, but it might be worth a try.

As a side note, the staff in the offices were quite entralled by the ‘nipples’ on the figure… what a lovely place I work at! ^^;
“Dirty Swine Mode” &

These two are essentially the same figures, but the left features a dirtier look while the right is the cleaner version. Among the staff the dirty version is actually more popular, and I think I personally agree with that sentiment as well… I want one for myself!
A lovey texture and embroidery!

It really looks and feels just like leather, and the jacket really has all puffy like you’d expect! It’s very soft to the touch as well – it feels amazing!
This is how it looks from the back!

Seeing the brand new looking bags on the clean version looks really different compared to the other versions! The slightly duller clothes also contrast with the caramel and yellow body bery nicely!

015This is the Dirty Swine Mode version!

I think this version really shows off what threeA is all about! They do look great together though, so you can compare the two! By the way, doen’t the mark on the back of their hands remind anyone of something?
Good Smile Cafe!?

The mark really looks just like the GSC Cafe logo! Even the color is correct!! It must just be a coincidence, but even so it’s quite cool!
The AnkouEX figures from ADVENTURE KARTEL:

They’re all up for preorder now!!
Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛