A quick question!
How many of you watched the live Wonhobby broadcast after WonFes?
There was in fact a heated Mini 4WD car race that night!

Why Mini 4WDs? I’ll tell you a little bit later, but to answer the one question rolling across the screen – all the eating utensils comes from Matsudo’s GSC Cafe – they make up the office kitchen now!
Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Racing Miku:
2012ver. drives Astute Special!

A collaboration between Nendoroid Petite and Tamiya’s Mini 4WD which has just had it’s 30th anniversary! They are produced by Dengeki Hobby Magazine and the first car will be based off the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s mascot character, Racing Miku!

A collaboration between Nendo Petite and Mini 4WD!!

Guys who love figures and cars can now combine their two hobbies into one! The race during the live broadcast was a promotion for this collaboration!
The Mini 4Ds are made with the ‘Astute Open Top’ concept design!
A Nendoroid Petite can fit comfortably into the driver’s seat and drive it themselves! The hands and the wheel will be a single part, so you don’t need to worry about Miku falling out either!

This is how it looks from the back! The colors are done to make the Mini 4WD look much like a racing car, which I think both Nendoroid and Mini 4WD fans will enjoy!
This is an example of how the coloring differs!
The version on the left is a standard Open Top model!

It makes use of a black and red for a very slick feeling (which I like just as much!). But the coloring used for the Racing Miku car is amazingly cute! By the way, the black car here was put together by me!!
I also got to participate in this race!

Along with a number of wonderful guests listed below!

■ MC Guts (Tamiya)
■ Haruna Ikezawa (Voice Actress)
■ Narisawa (Dengeki Hobby Magazine)
■ Masaki Asai (Sculptor)
■ bamboo(milktub)



I was racing against Tsuka-chan (on the left) and MC Guts (in the middle)!
And the result… my car stopped half way!

Guts took a look at my car and apparently I hadn’t put the switch on completely… definitely an amateur’s mistake! I didn’t expect to win the race, but to not even finish was rather disappointing!
This is how it looks from the bottom!

That green color is definitely a Miku color!! As a whole the car makes use of pink, green, white and some blue! You just need to get hold of some diagonal pliers and it only about half an hour to put together!
Special stickers are also included for the Mini 4WD!

According to Oda-P, if you put the stickers on the car goes faster! You can place whichever stickers you like wherever you like to create your very own original Mini 4WD!
This was the final race of the night!
Oda-P was on the left, Narisawa was in the middle and MC Guts was on the right! It was a contest between the three different companies!
I’m sorry I can’t show you the full video!

The cars really were so incredibly fast, it was hard to keep your eyes on them!! As expected from the final race, there were no cars running off the track or stopping at any point in the race!
The winner was Oda-P!!
Just look at all the comments he received from viewers!! :P Just watching the race was absolutely spectacular! It really goes to show that you’re never too old to have some fun!
Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku!

A separate Nendoroid body is included to display her alone!! Wonderful!!
You can have her riding in the car, or just display her as normal.

By the way!
Tamiya is currently developing a product that will let Nendo Petites ride and Mini 4WD!

These images are all development images which they allowed me to use on the blog! Mini 4WDs go incredibly fast so they need to ensure the Nendoroid Petite doesn’t fly out while the car is going!
This is how she looks from the back!

Even as a tiny Nendoroid Petite the see-through appearance of her outfit has been reproduced! I also love the pose she is in with one leg up in the air!!
Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Racing Miku 2012ver. drives Astute Special!

She’ll be on sale from the 31st August!! (`・ω・´)

The exact date sales start will vary between stores, so be sure to confirm beforehand!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again soon!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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