MEIKO is having a little party!! (*゚∀゚) I think I’ll join her!!

The beer in Summer really is delicious. I’m not really the kind of person who drinks a lot of beer, but in the Summer I sometimes treat myself to some!

However, MEIKO actually has a champagne bottle in her hand as well! This is actually optional parts to the figure we’ll be taking a look at today!


The Good Smile Racing personal sponsor special extra:
figma Racing Miku: 2012 ver.!

Racing Miku is joining the figma world in her 2012 design! The GT project’s specially designed Miku Hatsune mascot, ‘Racing Miku’ is joining the figma series once again in her new 2012 ver. design! The racing queen is wearing her unique costume and can be placed in all sorts of different poses for you to enjoy!

The only way to get hold of her is to become a personal sponsor for the 2012 Good Smile Racing team! (`・ω・´)

You can’t get hold of her through our standard stores – check the bottom of the post for more information on how you can grab her!

This is how she looks from the back!

Her long twin tails are made from clear parts for a lovely transparent effect! The further down it goes, the more transparent it becomes!

The small details on the headset and hair accessories are also a perfect rendition of the original illustration!

She can hold the parasol!

A very cute pose if I do say so myself! It’s rather easy to place her into very nice poses, which is great for a Racing Queen. There is very little to get in the way of poses, so you’re free to move her around however you like!

A closed parasol is also included!

In the image above I’ve attached it to her open hand using some double-sided tape, but you can also put it in her other hand just like the open parasol.

She comes with the smiling face, and this winking face!

The winking face looks a little mischievous, which I think is adorable!!

Waving the checkered flag!

Definitely a great part to build the atmosphere of a race! <ost people think of the checkered flag as being white and black, but this one is based on GAN’s illustration which had a pink and white flag! I think the pink has a nice feminate feeling about it, which is great for a cute Racing Queen like Miku!

The winner’s champagne bottle!

The GT300 class races are about half-way through now and at present the Miku car is in 6th place and the Project mirai car is in 11th place! Let’s hope they can reach the top and swing the champagne bottle around just like this!

– Championship Ranking –

Celebrating with MEIKO! ヾ(・∀・)ノ゛

I was trying to make the image look as if MEIKO thought it was a waste of champagne, but it looks more like Miku is spraying it all over her now. xD It’s amazing how well alcohol seems to go with MEIKO! :P

The Good Smile Racing personal sponsor special extra:
figma Racing Miku: 2012 ver.!


You can apply to be a personal sponsor until the 11th September at 20:00JST!!  (`・ω・´)

The only way to get hold of this Miku is to become a sponsor, you can find more information at NicoNico Chokuhan:

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But anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛



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