The 31st of August…

…is Miku’s 5th year anniversary!

Congratulations Miku-san!! I hope that your next year brings you even more lovely fans!!As usual, I even grabbed a cake to celebrate! Every year I’ve got a cake to celebrate, but this year there is a little gift to Miku as well!

This special figure was officially announced on the GSC website today! (`・ω・´)
Nendoroid Sakura Miku!

It’s Miku wearing an adorable pink outfit created with the image of cherry blossoms! The design is based on an illustration by Putidevil, which has been converted into Nendoroid form with careful attention to the meticulous use of color in the illustration! Now everyone can enjoy their Spring with Sakura Miku by their side!

A while back I did an article introducing her to everyone, but she has gone through a number of improvements since then!

Even the smallest details are really adorable – I’ll be taking a look at them along with the various optional parts! (゚∀゚)ノ
This is how she looks from the back!

The cherry decoration is absolutely lovely! The shiny effect makes them look really delicious too! The reverse side of the headset, which wasn’t even visible in the original illustration, has also been beautifully sculpted!

While you can’t see it here yet, the stand is planned to be a standard Nendoroid arm-type stand.
Beautiful cherry blossom on her hair!

There are pink and white blossom prints, and the white ones have a stunning white gradient applied to them! I can’t imagine how much stamp printing each one of these will take to produce…

Also to match Putidevi’s illustration, the edges of the sleeves have been changed to be more rounded!
She also comes with a crying expression!

This expression makes it seem like Miku is sad that the blossoms are falling from the trees… it’s so cute that it was actually hard for me to switch to a different expression after putting this one on!

The cherry blossom flower in her hand is also included!
You can even switch hand parts and let other characters hold it, if you’d like!
A normal headset and cherry hair accessories!

This allows you to display Sakura Miku exactly the way she looked when she was first released as a charm! The headset and accessories are not the same part though – you can mix and match between the parts you saw above and create the exact Sakura Miku that you like! Just take a look at the upcoming photos, you’ll see some different combinations of the various parts!

A super cute chibi face!

   /      \   
  /  \   ,_\   “Hmmm… 
/    (●)゛ (●) \   I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere before…?
|  ∪   (__人__)    |  
/     ∩ノ ⊃  /
(  \ / _ノ |  |   

… I’m sure a couple of you are thinking that! There is a very good chance of that, as this expression  comes straight from one of Putidevil’s illustrations!!

But the expression isn’t the only thing – the rest of the illustration can also be recreated!  (`・ω・´)
Sakura Miku enjoying a rice cake!!

She is sitting on a tower of cushions enjoying a delicious rice cake wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf! The illustration was originally done by Putidevil at the Sakura Miku café that was held at the Akihabara GSC Tetsujin Café!

The sculptor, Maruhige, even made the cushions able to be piled up like this to completely recreate the illustration!
A cherry blossom pedestal is included!

How exactly Miku will stand while on this pedestal is still under consideration, but just balancing her on it for now looks wonderful! An adorable cherry blossom fairy!! :P

The pedestal makes use of clear parts as well as a gradient effect!
This is show it looks from the side!

Sakura Miku might not come with quite as many extra parts as other Nendoroids nowadays (although that’s not to say she comes with too few…), but a huge amount of effort has been put into Sakura Miku herself! A lot more work has gone into perfecting the Nendoroid itself compared to normal Nendoroids, and I think that shows just by looking at the detail you can see in this photo!

Unfortunately it does also mean the price is a little bit higher than a normal Nendoroid, but I’m confident that everyone who grabs her will be more than satisfied with their purchase!
She looks great together with Snow Miku!

Those who ordered Snow Miku online should be receiving their Snow Mikus very shortly! Once again, we are very sorry for all the delays!!

The contrast between the ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’ colors makes for a very lovely scene! I think displaying the two of them together is ideal!
Nendoroid Sakura Miku!

She’ll be available for order from the 31st August until the 24th September at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP as well as at the Akihabara GSC & Karaoke no Testujin Café! (`・ω・´)


– GOOD SMILE x Karaoke no Testsujin Cafe –

Sakura Miku will be made-to-order, so don’t miss out on the dates above if you want to grab her! For more details on ordering, check the product page on the GSC website over here:

– Nendoroid Sakura Miku Product Page –

I’m glad she was able to be announced on Miku’s ‘birthday’! I hope you’ll all love this lovely pink Miku as much as I do!!


Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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