Anime Festival Asia in Malaysia!

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GSC had a booth there on the 9th and 10th of June!

ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA is more commonly known by the acronym of the name, ‘AFA’! This report is a continuation from yesterday, so be sure to read the previous blog entry first: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – AFA Report #1


This is how the GSC booth looked!

We had displays of upcoming products which loads of people came by to look at! I was so glad to see that anime and figure culture has spread so much all over Asia now!


This is the backstage area!

The stage that featured all the interviews and performances was located in a separate building away from the booths. Those appearing on stage would wait here in the back for their turn on the stage… it was actually quite high up and scary to stand on. ^^;


The audience area was huge!!

I guess for celebrities and musicians this is quite normal, but  for me it was amazing to see so many people! Thanks Malaysia!!


MAX Watanabe and Aki were both on stage with Danny Choo!

Danny would translate everything that MAX and Aki would say so that everyone in the audience could understand! Thanks Danny!

During the talks a number of figures would be put up on the monitors and the audience would all cheer together – it was incredible!!


Back to the booth!

Today was also the day of the preliminary races taking place in Sepang, Malaysia – in which the Miku car was racing. Kaula Lampur and Sepang are about one hour apart by car, so Aki actually came from the race to be here for the stage performance!


Chatting with some customers!!

MAX and Aki definitely chatted with a number of customers, but even I got some customers that came and told me things like, “I love reading your blog” or “Looking forward to the next blog!” which made me really glad!

Everyone in Malaysia was really kind, and most would try hard to speak to me in Japanese as I can’t speak English at all – it really meant a lot to me! Now that I’ve seen how many people are looking forward to GSC’s products even outside of Japan, I’m definitely going to work as best I can to show the best products to everyone!!


That brings my AFA report to and end!

I’m sure it wasn’t the best event report ever, but I hope you enjoyed it! It’s not easy to get to an event like this if you don’t live around Malaysia, but I hope you were at least able to get a feeling for the event from my report!

The thing that really leaves an impression on me from this event is that even though the event hall was always in chaos, people wanting to take photos would always patiently wait their turn and if someone just slightly bumped into you they would apologise – I think that considerate mindset is absolutely wonderful.

It was my very first visit to Malaysia, and I’ve come to love it! If I ever get the chance I will definitely be back. A big thank you to everyone who came by the booth at the event, as well as to everyone who came to speak with me!!
But that’s not all!


The main display at AFA – Ultimate Madoka!

/ .u   \    ”You brought the prototype with!?”
((○))  ((○))
/⌒)⌒)⌒. ::::  (__人__) l_j :::\/⌒)⌒)⌒)
| / / /    |r┬-|  | (⌒)/  /  /  //
| :::::::::::(⌒) U .||| / ゝ:::::::::::/
|   ノ     | |  |  \ / ) /
ヽ   /      └ー.┘   ヽ /  /

Of course! (Megurin did)

At the airport while they were inspecting hand luggage and just before we got on the plane, everyone kept aksing things like “What is that you’re holding?”, or “Isn’t that a little too big?”. ^^;

Normally there are two prototypes created of any figure – one more promotional use and another to be sent through to the factories in China for manufacturing. But this time around we only had the one and it needed to be displayed once in Japan and then again in Malaysia, and now it’ll only be sent to China!

The picture above came out a little bit blurred because of the display case glass, but somehow I quite like the way it came out anyway – it actually looks quite pretty!


Plus I have a message about the figure from
Aoi Yuuki, Madoka’s voice actor!!

Look at the picture above and imagine Madoka’s voice saying the following!

Ultimate Madoka only appeared in the anime for a brief moment, so I never expected to see a figure of her!! I’m so glad to see how she came out!! (*´ω`*) 

I absolutely love the skirt with the universe inside it! Not to mention the beauty of those transparent wings! Just seeing how divine she came out makes me want to kneel down and praise the creators!! To think that Madoka’s final form will be delivered to so many people looking this wonderful makes me incredibly happy!!

I hope you’ll spend lots of time together with Madoka once she arrives! (>ω<)

What a lovely message!!

I promise I’ll spend lots of time with her!! I’ll stay by her side forever!! I love you Madoka–!! :P

Those who want to hear her voice, don’t miss out on the commercial for the figure either – if you haven’t seen it yet can take a look right here:

If you haven’t preordered your’s yet, be sure not to miss out!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛