A capsule toy dispenser behind my chair!


Let’s not get into why we have a capsule toy dispenser in the offices…
It seems like an interesting meet-up is happening on top of it!

      / ̄ ̄ ̄\
    /─    ─  \   ”Random question… why do cats meet-up?
  /  <≡>::<≡> \   Do they discuss what’s going to be for dinner?”
  |    (__人__)   |
  \    |r┬-|   /
  /    ` ー’´     \


Character Charm Collection Puchimasu!

Set #4 : Afuu, Yukipo and Chihyaa!

From ‘Puchimasu!’ a spin-off IDOLM@STER manga currently being serialized in Dengeki Maou comes a third set of cute miniature idols creatures to join the Character Charm series!


This is how they look from the back!

Afuu and Chihyaa both have long class reaching to the ground which let you display them without any base!

As I’ve mentioned with the previous blogs about the Puchimasu series, these little figures are actually charms that come with a hook and strap on the head so you can easily attach them to your cellphone, or anything else that you’d like to see them hanging from!


Afuu is holding a tasty looking riceball!

She seems to be holding it with great care with both hands… she loves her riceballs, so I’m sure she will enjoy this big one! Her waist showing off a little bit of skin is also beautiful!


Chihyaa is pointing at something!

She also has a giant shirt that is much too big for her. She has one hand on her hip and the other one pointing out confidently toward something.


I want to cuddle up when I see Yukipo!

She is posed with her hips bent over making her lean forward a little, a very cute pose! Her expression looks so worried… I feel like I should just cuddle up with her to make her feel better!

Now they’re playing with a birdy!

This lovely looking bird is included with Nendoroid Ohana Matsumae! The Puchimasu figures may be designed as charms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display them with other figures like this instead!

You could even display all the Puchimasu charms together for a really lovely scene – there are a total of 13 to collect once these three release!


Character Charm Collection Puchimasu!

Set #4: Afuu, Yukipo and Chihyaa!

They are up for preorder as of today! (`・ω・´)ゞ

If you have any preorder or sales queries, be sure to get in contact with our partner shops!

– 10 Years of Good Smile Company : Nendoroids of the Past! –

There are only 7 days left until GSC turns 11 years old!

Let’s take a look at another Nendoroid of the Past!


Released in July 2008:

Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy!

What an incredible Nendoroid! We released Melissa as a 1/8th scale figure, but the Nendoroid added a whole new level of cuteness! She is still a part of my own figure collection!


The pumpkin can also be removed!

Plus the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin were made from partially clear plastic for a little peek inside! You could choose to display her either with the pumpkin, or without. I can’t believe she was released four years ago… she is still just as cute as ever!

Don’t forget to vote for her in the resale & new product requests polls!

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Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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