The photo contest that started on the 6th March!


The “We still don’t know the Nendoroid Menma we photographed that day.” Photo Contest!

A big thank you to every one who entered the photo contest! I looked through all the entires together with Shuu-chan, who was in charge for the planning of Nendoroid Menma!

All of the photos were filled with love for Menma, and many made me realize just how many different ways there are to take photos! There were also many photos that were so beautiful they literally took my breath away for a few seconds….

It was very hard to pick winners, but in the end Shuu-chan picked a total of six photos, and I picked a further three photos for a total of nine winners!

– Shuutarou Prize –


Title: Menma’s Delicious Steamed Bread Delivery!

The rain and clouds have been covering the sky for most of this week, but today there was a little bit of blue sky so I decided to take my photo!

Although a clear sky during these months means the pollen is worse and my allergies act up all the more… at the moment my eyes are all teary and my nose is running just like it was when I watched the last episode of the Super Peace Busters!

– Mahokona

A Petite Nendoroid Menma driving the big Menma who is determined to deliver her bread! It’s a rather odd picture, but still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)


Title: Can’t Have Ramen Without Her!

I made some Ramen today.
Me: “Time to eat… but wait a second…”
Me: “Something’s… missing…”
Me: “Menma isn’t here!!!!!”
Me: “Ramen without Menma isn’t Ramen at all!”
Menma-chan: “You called?”
Me: “…. ^^;”

– Kuroken

Just as I expected from the title!  Menma looks enthralled by that delicious meal!


Title : The Flowers That Bloomed that Summer Evening

I loved the show so much! This was my first ever Nendoroid! I love choosing between all the different expressions.

– Orubuku

The photo has the same gradient as Menma’s eyes!

Menma has that air of innocence about her, which the light, mysterious atmosphere in the photo really brings out!


Title: Hey! Look at this, Jin-tan!

“Man… my Menma is just too cute for words!”, is what I was thinking while putting this photo together. :P

Her eyes are so beautiful, and those bare feet have such lovely curves! I think I’m in love!


I loved this scene from the ending theme so much!
Those handmade cups of the Super Peace Busters members are amazing!  The flowers spread all over the floor, along with Menma holding the umbrella really recreate the ending scene so nicely!


Title: A Night at the Inn

I saw Nendoroid Menma on your blog, and she was so adorable that I just had to get her for myself. She has so many expressions, and is a lot of fun to play with!

I had the chance of going to a hot spring inn over the weekend, so I decided to take her with!

– Shokora

It looks like you had a great trip with Menma!
I love the picture of her holding the remote up! I hope you’ll take her along to more places in the future!

– Mikatan Prize –


Title : Farewell, Menma

I took this photo with the theme ‘Farewell, Menma’ in mind. She has Tenshi’s wings behind her. I guess the bunny ears were a bit overkill, though….
– Batorako

All I can say is… it’s absolutely beautiful!

The expression and pose are matched perfectly, and the flowers by her side along with the background really create a stunning scene. The soft blur also creates a really nice atmosphere for the picture! She’s such an angel!


Title : I’m Putting the Raisin on~!

Menma was helping me out with my cooking! ^^
The determined expression is way too cute!! :P
– Annon

I love pictures like this that place her in everyday life!

The flour messed on her head and face is absolutely adorable!!! I also love the background used with some complete treats in the background, it really brings the picture together perfectly! I want Menma to make some for me as well….


Title : Treat Time! ♪

‘Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai’ was the first anime in a long time that really touched my heart. It really brought a new meaning to my life.

I think everyone thinks of a ‘Candy House’ or being surrounded by candy at some point in their childhood. I decided I wanted Menma to experience that seen she is stuck as a child!
– Amamo

Menma surrounded by colorful treats!

I had to pick this photo, as that smile looks so genuine in this photo, and I just couldn’t get her smiling face out of my mind after seeing it! The little pink ribbons on the side of her hair are also very cute! Girls look best surrounded with cute colors and candy! :P

– Shuutarou Grand Prize –


Title : I’ll never forget the scene I saw that day

The Menma I saw that day had such a brilliant smile, I had to preserve it on this film. ^^

– Mikuroid

This photo is the Shuutarou Grand Prize winner!

The picture alone is beautiful, but the extra work of placing it on a film as if it was a special scene captured forever was very touching! She seems to be at the entrance of someone’s house… I wonder if it’s Jin-tans? I want to find out what’s behind that door!



Mikuroid is the winner of the Shuutarou Grand Prize, a Nendoroid Menma signed by Ai Kayano!

Congratulations once again, and thank you for sending in your lovely picture for us to enjoy as well!! I’ll be contacting you by e-mail, where you can let me know your address and name to receive your prize!

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered!!

Everyone here at Good Smile along with everyone in the factories in China couldn’t be happier when we get to see the joy that everyone gets from their Nendoroids! We’ll be releasing more and more friends to join the series, and also hope to have more contests like this in the future – I hope to see your entry when that time comes along!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛