This is BATAYAN’s desk, he is part of Max Factory’s production team!
(Although he is also often off to China…)


    /:::::::: ( ○)三(○)\  ”I haven’t even reviewed the prototype,
    |::::::::::(__人__):::|    but the T1 is already finished??”
     \:::::::   |r┬-|   /
    ノ:::::::::  `ー’´  \

The gray version you see in front here is called the T1. It’s the very first sample of the final production version that comes though!

It’s simply left gray, as the T1 is to check for sculpting problems and make sure all the parts are connecting together correctly – not check the coloring. Any changes that are needed are then changed on the molds over at the manufacturing side. When the T1 comes through to GSC or Max Factory it is analyzed incredibly carefully to make sure there is nothing strange happening with the figure.

I remember showing these checks on a live broadcast before, and I’d love to show you on the blog sometime as well.

But today we’ll be looking at the prototypes!


From ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’:

Maria Takayama & Kobato Hasegawa!

Maris is the small nun who takes the role of the Neighbor’s Club supervisor, while Kobato is Kodaka’s younger sister with a love for darkness and vampires. Both are dressed in lovely leotards with cat ears and tails to boot, as lovely 1/7th scale figures!

Note that the two figures are sold separately!
But, as you can see… they look fantastic displayed together, and the reason for that is…


They’re based on this illustration!

The illustration was included in the January 2011 edition of Monthly Comic Alive, and was illustrated by Buriki!! The outfits are really sexy, and they complement each other so well… I think it would be sad to display one without the other. :P


A perfect rendition of the illustration!

The super cute illustration by Buriki has really come to life in the 3D world through the wonderful work of Max Factory. The gradient effect in their eyes is absolutely beautiful!!


This is how the look from the back!

The expressions are wonderful, but the body-lines you can see from the back have their own charms as well! This side was never visible on the illustration, but thanks to Max Factory you can now take a look at the two girls from whatever angle you want!


Alright, let’s take a look at them each separately…

First up is Kobato Hasegawa!

She is wearing a lovely black leotard, posed with her body slanted at a very sexy angle, which really shows off her beautiful thighs. Plus that hand is just adding to the temptations!!


A close-up of her outfit!

The tight, shiny look is really stunning, and the small details on the wrinkles in the fabric is amazing! The points where the leotard connect to the thighs really makes the skin appear all soft and touchable as well! The stockings also have a glossy finish to them, just as they did in the original illustration!


Ooh, this shot came out nicely!

As I was editing this picture, Aki passed behind me…

     / ̄ ̄\
   / .ー  ー \  ← Aki
   |  (●) (●) |  
   |  (__人__) |   ”Ooh, nice boobies!”
   |   `i  i´  | 
   |   . `⌒   } 
   ヽ       } 
    ヽ     ノ 
  /      ヽ

… he just said that once sentence and them moved along. But I guess that means these breasts are recommended by Aki himself! :P


Look here! It’s sticking up!!

These bunny-suits (or in this case, cat-suits) will often stick up here when they don’t use a strap. The curved part of the body is pushing out on the fabric, and without any support it will always end up like this.

It’s so nice to see this kind of detail included on a figure! If you grab the figure, be sure to take a close look for yourself!


The bunny plushie that Kobato always carries around!

You couldn’t see this area on the original illustration, but as a bonus she also comes with the bunny plushie which you can place by her hand like this! I love the expression on the bunny! :P


Next up, Maria Takayama!

Maria is wearing a blue leotard, and is in a very cat-like pose that is so cute that it should be against the rules!


A close-up on her outfit!

The coloring of her leotard and stockings is really nice, I love the way the blue and purple colors complement each other!


Her hair makes use of clear plastic!

The unique style of Buriki’s illustration is preserved on the figure by using clear parts for the hair. Even when you take pictures this close it still looks absolutely incredible…


Service Shot!

I hope the publishers won’t be annoyed by all the fan service I’ve given in this post…. I apologize in advance!!


From ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’:

Maria Takayama & Kobato Hasegawa!
By the way, the bases are each different:
Maria has a checkered pattern, while Kobato has a fluffy base!
Both bases are planned to be big enough to display both figures on them!
Both of them are already up for preorder!
If you have any sales or preorder queries, be sure to get in contact with out partner shops!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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