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Today we’ll be taking a look at this lovely Nendoroid!

From the anime series of Persona 4:

Nendoroid Yukiko Amagi!

Yukiko is the successor of her family’s inn, Amagiya. She is smart, elegant and very well behaved which makes her the attention of all boys at her school. The Nendoroid really captures her character very nicely, comes with a load of optional parts and allows you to pose her in all sorts of ways from the series!


A lovely smiling face!

Nendoroid Yukiko comes with a multitude of extra arms parts!! In this photo you can see the bent right arm and a left arm placed behind her back.

Her thighs are fitted with Nendoroid joints, allowing for a cute pose like this one… I’m sure many will have already noticed, but this is in fact…
A pose from one of the game’s key visuals! (`・ω・´)ゞ


Next up is a laughing face!

She really looks like she just burst into laughter! The arm part on her stomach, and another placed at her mouth really bring the pose together beautifully! She looks so happy I can’t help but smile myself!

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Glasses and a folding fan!

Parts that just have to be included with a Persona 4 figure, – as they allow you to pose her summoning her Persona!

The photo above uses the gruff expression, but you can use a different expression for a completely different feel!

This pose uses two more arm parts! A special right hand to hold the fan, and a left arm posed ready for combat! All the arm parts also separate at the hands, so you can place the hand for holding the fan on any other arm parts as well!


The disguise glasses from episode 4!

Yay! I knew these would be included!!

The other day on a live broadcast, I promised I’d try the glasses on another Nendoroid character, so here we go! :P


They fit perfectly!
Just think of all the wonderful possibilities with these glasses! It’s so fun to try them out on other Nendoroids!!


Also, Nendoroid Yune releases on the 22nd March!!

The print on the kimono and the umbrella are absolutely stunning! I played around with her earlier today and was really impressed!


Yukiko tries on the kimono!

This lets you really pose her as the successor to her family’s Japanese inn! It’s a bit more colorful than her normal kimono, but still suits her so well!!

From the anime series of Persona 4:

Nendoroid Yukiko Amagi

She’ll be on the GSC website on the 21st March!

If you have any queries regarding sales or preorders, be sure to contact our partner shops!
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