March starts tomorrow!

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Time really flies… but at least now I have a little time to play New Love Plus and Nendoroid Generation!

The other day I was thinking of some kind of present to myself, but I really haven’t been able to think of anything. There isn’t really anything I really want… besides sleep and gaming time. :P Plus I have figures around me all the time, so getting a figure isn’t really an amazing present at the moment. What would you get yourself as a present?

But anyway, I’ll leave you wandering about that while we move into this corner!

Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner!

(゚д゚) Letters asking about changes to products are quite hard for me to reply to… but I do pass the info onto the design team!

(゚д゚) If there is a problem with your product, please email the Good Smile Support Team at:

(゚д゚) If you want to let me know something without me talking about it on the blog, just let me know in the mail and I’ll be happy to keep it quiet!

Please note that whatever I write in this section isn’t official – it’s just my thoughts on matters! If you’re only looking for official news, you might want to dodge this post!

Alright, let’s get started!! (・∀・)ノ

I’m writing this in regard to the Milky Holmes Nendoroids.
The other day you introduced Nendoroid Nero on the blog, and when her hat was off, there was no hair sticking up!
Even the Nendoroid Petite has it, so the big Nendoroid should as well!

   - Anonymous

The Nero Yuzurizaki Nendoroid that was on Mikatan blog the other day didn’t have any hair sticking up when her hat was removed.
The figure looks amazing, and it would be a shame for her to not have the hair! (´;ω;`)

   - Uraneko


The hair has been added!

The picture was taken in mid-production, but as you can see the hair has been added in! Plus it can also be attached to the ancestor’s hair part! Thanks for the heads up Nero fans, and sorry for the scare!

I watched the last WonHobby live broadcast, it was great! I’ve never been able to participate in WF myself, but I’m looking forward to going and investigating the booths in person at the next event.

I work in Akiba, but hadn’t been the the GSC Cafe there yet, so today (2/13) I went with my friend and had a Mega-sized QB Curry! We also got to take a look at all the things that were on display at WF! I even got to see my idol, Oda-P! And that Ultimate Madoka figure was just incredible…

I was very happy to see all the display figures transferred to the cafe the day after the huge event! I was so happy to be able to see them. Thank you

   - MOZU9

Thank you for the comments!

After the late live broadcast, there were still some staff members that went to work normally the next morning to get the prototypes on display… I really can’t compete with them… But there were lots of people who mentioned that they didn’t get a chance to see the figures on display due to the crowds, so we had to get them on display again for everyone to enjoy!

There was a load of mail about WonFes & the live broadcast!

I unfortunately don’t have the time to put them all up on the blog, but I’m really happy to receive them and I promise I read them all! Thank you all very much.

Hello Mikatan!
Thanks very much for the late night WonFes broadcast!

At WonFes I was able to try out some of the needle-nose pliers at the try-out corner.
I also tried out a number of other similar products, but the next day when I went down to the model store, I looked around a bit and settled on the GSR pliers.

I wanted to try them out again as soon as possible, so I got a few materials together and made a simple ring with them. I’ve worked with a lot of much more complex twists and turns and I can say for sure that the thin edge of these pliers and absolutely brilliant for small parts. The normal rough bits on the end on most pliers also are not on these, so there is no risk of leaving marks on metal. I’m so glad I decided on them!


I would also normally make use of a pin set to pull the beads out of their case to work with them, but this time I was able to do it with just the pliers! I personally find them so easy to use, plus they are made in Niigata prefecture which is well known for it’s metalworking! I’m surprised to see the price was so great for such an amazing tool!

I hope you can pass on these comments to whoever is in charge of the GSR Tools!

   - Anonymous

The ever popular GSR Pliers!

The diagonal pliers in particular are in fact still suffering from a lack of stock! Sorry about that…  but we are currently producing a whole lot more, so please be patient just a little bit longer.

Thank you for sending through the little trinket you made using your GSR Pliers!! It looks very well made!! Seki-sama from the General Management section is also a huge fan of the GSR Pliers! (He built an entire Aegis ship!)

This WonFes there are so many figures I can’t wait to get my hands on, but the best were Nendoroid Gackpoid and GUMI!
I actually sent in a request for them in the past, so I was so happy to see them! Both of them don’t have many products related to them, so when I saw them as a part of my beloved Nendoroid series I couldn’t have been happier! (´;ω;`)


I’m so glad to hear there will be a Nendoroid Gackpoid!!
Not to mention there is also GUMI-chan, Alice from Touhou, Nano-chan and Hakase from Nichijou, a second set of Vocaloid Nendo Petites, a set of Nendo Petites for Uta no Prince-sama and of course Ultimate Madoka!!!  I’m going to explode from happiness!! Gackpoid and GUMI!! I knew I could trust you, Good Smile!

   – Anko

I’m so glad to see people like the products that debuted at WonFes!

The staff had been working hard for months to get everything ready for the event, but when we receive mail like this we know that it was all worth it! Personally I’m really looking forward to Gackpoid, GUMI and the Uta no Prince-sama Nendoroids!!

I love reading your blog whenever I get the chance! I always find new fun ways to play with my Nendoroids when I read the blog! ☆(^_^)☆
I wanted to ask, when will the scale figure of Inori Yuzuriha be released?
I hope you can tell me! I’ll be looking forward to your next article!

   - yopipapa

I think the Nendo & figma will be first!

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the scale figure! But in the meantime I’ll do my best to write up some enjoyable articles for you!  (`・ω・´)ゞ

A quick question… are there any plans to release Kyouko as a part of the 1/8th scale Puella Magi Madoka Magica figure series?

I’m a huge fan of Kyouko, so I’d really like to see her join the rest of the girls! And yet another request… but I hope we’ll see some of the Persona 4 characters made into Nendoroids to display on my desk! :P I’ve always wanted to send some mail through to you after reading other’s mail, but never quite had the courage to do so… but this time around I finally managed to do it!

   - Yamazen

Hello! I’m a frequent reader of Mikatan Blog! I heard that you were a fan of Uta no Prince-sama and remembered discussing with my friend how there should really be Nendoroids from the series! I thought I’d take the initiative and email through our request for UtaPrince Nendoroids!

I hope to see the Nendoroids soon!

   - Anonymous 

You’re in luck!

These were also announced at WonFes!

The first P4 Nendoroid is Yukiko! Plus there are also figmas on the way, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as well! Those who want to see the figures on display at WonFes can see them over here:

– GSC Products –

– Max Factory Products –

– Other Company’s Products –

I just saw the announcement of figma Samus Aran! It looks like she just jumped right out of the game!  I was thinking I had to grab her when suddenly I noticed… she’s from Nintendo!

That means you guys could make Link as well! I want a gallant figure of Link from Wind Waker!

And alongside the scale figure I also request a Nendoroid and figma! I hope you’ll consider it!

And also… when is the red Archer going to release…?

   - Suzuki


Well, it’s not specifically a Wind Waker version, but figma Link is in the production process! I still can’t believe that we are making figures from Nintendo’s games! He’ll be coming up for preorder shortly, so look out for it!

I’ve also been waiting for Archer’s debut…. waiting, and waiting with no end in sight…

Straight onto my main question… what kind of stand does KAITO’s Cheerful version use? I personally think the first Nendoroid KAITO’s stand was a little unstable – I hope the Cheerful version uses a different stand.

I love reading your blog each and every day, and am cheering for Good Smile every day!

   - Anonymous


He uses an arm-type stand!

This is one of the early samples sent though of the Cheerful ver.! Both his new outfit and the original outfit both make use of the arm stand. I can’t wait to play around with him some more!

Thanks for cheering us on! We’ll do our best to not disappoint!! (`・ω・´)ゞ

A quick mail from a first year high school student!
I’m aiming to become a sculptor in the future, what should I do at this point to help me get there?
And what should I be studying at the moment!?

   - Yuki-chan

It’s a steep hill to climb!!

I think the most important thing at this point is to be ready to put in lots of effort and resolve into reaching your goal. I might be a bit of a shut-in, but at the moment just practice fine work with your hands! There are also a couple of comments from sculptors in the past about this… I’ve collected them all here:

 – Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner #55 –

– Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner #17 – (Japanese Only)

– Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner #6 – (Japanese Only)

Hello Mikatan! ><
I’m a first year female student at high-school, and I’m worried about my future. I’m thinking about what course my life should take from here on, and I thought I’d ask you for your opinion on the matter.

Let me start with my question,
I’m interested in working in the figure production field, what departments exist at Good Smile Company which one could aim to work in? (for example sales, or planning departments)

I know I want to work in the figure world, and I really want to get a job at a figure company, but I need to know what options are available to me! I look forward to an answer!

   - Natsume

Hello! I love reading your blog every weekday! (`・ω・´)
I’m writing this mail in hopes that you can shed some light on this for me!

I’m a girl currently in high-school, and I’ve been interested in working for a figure company for some time. After reading Mikatan blog, that interest has changed into my dream.  I want to work for Good Smile Company in the future! But I think that if I mentioned this to my parents they wouldn’t react very well… so I thought I’d ask your opinion.

It’s still quite awhile till I’ll need to find work, but how much skill does one need to get a job at Good Smile Company? .(´・ω・`;) Sorry for all the questions, I’m sure you’re very busy, but I hope to see a response!

   - Saki

Currently the following departments exist at Good Smile!

Planning Department, Production Department, Manufacturing Department, Sales Department, General Affairs Department, Marketing Department (which includes the advertising team and the web team), New Business Department and GSR.

The work is filled with tough times and fun times! Good connections and good timing can help you get into any work if you put your heart into it.

My own personal answer to all those wanting to work here… always believe that there is something you are the very best at! Something like “If you’re looking for a logical solution, come to me”, “I can come up with more ideas than anyone”, “I can finish a coating faster than anyone else”, “I am the most loving person there is”, etc! It doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is that you believe yourself to be the best! Don’t ever get down about it!

I hope the day comes where we can work side-by-side! (`・ω・´)ゞ

Louise! Louise! Louissssssse!!! Aaaah! Aaaah!!! Louise Louise Louise!!!!  Ahhh ….. sniff… sniff… What a lovely smell! I want to smell Louise Françoise’s beautiful pink hair! Aaah! No wait! I don’t want to smell it, I want to feel it!! Such smooth hair! Louise was so cute in the 12th volume of the novel! Aaaah!!! Aaaaaah! Plus the 4th season of the anime has jsut started! Aaah! Louise is so cute! Cute! SO CUTE! And even the 2nd volume of the manga has been released! ARRRGGG!! NYAAAN! GYAAAAN! Aaaaah!!!! But manga isn’t real?!… oh wait… neither is anime… or novels….

Does that mean Louise isn’t real?! Nooooooo!!! That’s impossible! It’s just impossible!! Just be quiet! I don’t need reality! Hang on a sec… that illustration of Louise… she’s looking at me! I swear she’s looking at me! And the Louise in the anime…. she just spoke to me! Hahahaha! There is still some hope for this world! Hahaha! Siesta! Henrietta! Tabatha!!! Ooooohhh! Bring me my Louise!!!

By the way, the 4th season of the anime has started now, so can we please have a resale of Louise?

   - Anonymous

She is going on resale!

A very entertaining message, I enjoyed it. ^^;

– Hobby Stock –

That brings this Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner to an end!

Thanks to everyone who sent in mail!!
I read through every single on of them!

As always, I’m always looking for more mail from readers!
If you have any questions, photos, product requests, want to talk about what you ate today, your thoughts about the end of the year… no matter what you want to talk about, send it through to me! Girls and boys both welcome!

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(゚∀゚) Mikatan Mail
Anyway, that’s all for today!
Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at some lovely photos sent in by readers!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ