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Hello everyone!

My name is Oomura, another member of the GSC web team, and the above ASCII art is a representation of how I fall asleep in front of the TV everyday! :P I’ll be taking over Mikatan blog for today!

To introduce everyone to Nendoroid Planet!


For those who don’t know what Nendoroid Planet is – let me give you a quick description.

– iPhone Application Nendoroid Planet –

An iPhone application that captures the charms of all the Nendoroids to date! In Nendoroid Planet you can play the game ‘Nendoroid Defense’. gain ‘Nendoroid Medals’ and use them at the ‘Nendo Vendor’! If you’re lucky, you might be able to grab some Nendoroid 3D models, which you can collect and use in the game, or place on your Nendoroid Planet – you can even take photos with them! You can also get Nendoroid thumbnails to change your iPhone into a mobile Nendoroid catalog!

Beyond that, you can also use the application to read up on Good Smile Company’s latest news and recent releases, or connect it with twitter and tweet about the recent Nendoroid 3D models you have managed to grab!

Start your Nendoroid collection on Nendoroid Planet!


Basically, it’s an application that lets you play with Nendoroids on your iPhone! Just head to the Appstore and download it now!

Nendoroid Planet on the AppStore:

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There is currently a Nendoroid Planet Photo Contest being run!


To celebrate the release of the Black Rock Shooter PSP Game…
A Nendoroid Planet Photo Contest!

Take a picture of Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter or Nendoroid Dead Master in Nendoroid Planet’s 3D Model Viewer in order to enter! Conditions are as follows:

・Please Download Nendoroid Planet Version 1.3 or higher from the App Store before entering.
・You have to make use of the 3D model viewer in Nendoroid planet to take your photo.
・You may only use Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter and Nendoroid Dead Master.
・You may edit and retouch the photo, however you may not edit the Nendoroid characters themselves in any way.

How to Enter:
Take note of all the conditions above, and attach your photo to an email that includes your name (or nickname), an email address you can be contacted on as well as a title for your entry – and send it through to the Nendoroid Photo Contest email address: nenplaphoto@nendoroid.jp

Please give the mail the title of ‘ねんどろいど惑星フォトコンテスト応募係’.

The best photo will receive this wonderful prize!

You can even take a look at it right here!!


A special shikishi illustrated by huke and signed by Sakamoto Maaya that commemorates the release of the Black Rock Shooter PSP game!

A big thanks to imageepoch for allowing us to give this as a prize!

To get both a illustration by huke and a sign by Sakamoto Maaya at once!! Truly a prize and fan would be happy to get – I’ll envy the winner!

You can enter until the 22nd September at 23:59!

I hope we’ll get loads of entries!

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And finally – a quick Q&A corner!
Some answers to questions we’ve got in the mail!

Q.Will there be more 3D Nendoroid Characters?

A.There will be! We’re working on them right now!

I’m sure they’ll be in the app in no time at all! Plus there are more interesting features coming around soon!

Q.Will there be an Android version?

A.Uncertain at the moment – there might be!

If enough people request it, it’s very possible there will be one in the future!

If you have any other feature requests or ideas for Nendoroid Planet, do send them our way!

Nendoroid Planet Contact Form

You can also contact us the Nendoroid Planet twitter account – @nenpla. Note that we can only take Japanese requests at the moment!

There is a lot more to come from Nendoroid Planet, so keep your eyes on it!
And thank you to everyone who read today’s blog!

I hope we’ll meet again soon!

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