Hi there everyone!
The Mikatan Blog Takeover has not ended yet!

Today’s blog will be taken over by me, Sacchan – yet another newcomer to Good Smile Company! (I started about 5 months ago)

But I don’t even have a camera! I suppose the first thing I’ll need to do is borrow one! (´□`;) But I know that Shuuchan will let me borrow his!

“Use this to change the shutter speed, and this to change the ISO.”


I think I forgot about 70% of Shuuchan’s explanation, but I’ll give it a go anyway! Today we’ll be looking at this figure!!

From Black Rock Shooter:
Strength -animation version

Strength is the mysterious character that appears at the start of the Black Rock Shooter anime and watches over BRS’s fight – and now she is here as a lovely 1/8th scale figure! She has a lovely light looking pose that makes it seem like she is floating up in the air. She is heading out to shops very soon, so I thought I’d take a look at one of the samples that arrived here!

She looks all floaty from the back too!

Strength herself has quite a small build, but her giant arms known as ‘Ogre Arms’ are definitely the biggest highlight of her character! Although the long tail is also very cute!

A face shrouded in mystery!

Her fringe seems to just cover up the top of her eyes giving a very mysterious feeling – scale figures really are on a different level to Nendoroids or figmas! Her mouth is also subtly covered up by her clothes, adding even more to her mysterious charm. (`・ω・´)

A close up of the Orge Arm! 

It really is ginormous!! It also has a very realistic metallic feeling to it. (´Д`*) I really expected it to be all cold and metal like when I touched it (´Д`*)

A close-up of her long, windy tail!

It appears her tail is coming out of her skirt! (*´Д`*) The little white ribbon at the base of the tail adds a strange cutesy feeling to the tail! (`・ω・´). Her bare shoulders and back are also a lovely sight! (*´Д`*)

My personal favorite part of the figure…! 

Her hidden mouth!!! (゜Д゜)=3
Normally you can’t see her mouth as it’s hidden behind her clothes, but when you make the effor to take a look, it’s just such a cute little mouth! Somehow when a part of the figure is hidden except for at a specific angle, it makes it all the more interesting to look at! Be sure to take a look at your figures from any angle possible! (*´∀`)


Last but not least, her cute little legs!

The knee-high socks give you a nice look at her thighs, and also come with the same cute little white ribbon to give her that strange cute side once again! The ribbons give her a really girly feeling, but the contrast of that cutesy girl feeling with the huge Ogre Arm is incredible… (*>▽<)


Strength -animation version-

She’ll be in stores from the 12th September!!

Just look out for the package above! (*`・ω・´)
For sales and order information be sure to contact our partner shops!

I must say, cameras really aren’t that easy to use, are they… I’ll have to work on my photography skills for next time! I’ll see you then!

Next up in the Mikatan Blog Takeover… the baton passes back to Shuuchan!!

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