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Holo ~Wolf and the Scent of Fruit~

From “Spice and Wolf”, the masterpiece light novel series that recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, comes a 1/7 scale figure of “Holo”! Her long, flaxen hair and characteristic ears and tail have been carefully sculpted as though fluttering in the wind of a meadow as Holo dances on light feet, delighting in the sweet fragrance of fruit. Be sure to add her to your collection and enjoy the world of Spice and Wolf in figure form!

From the globally popular light novel series “Spice and Wolf” comes a scale figure of Holo!

▲ Her fluttering tail and hair have been faithfully sculpted!

Holo is posed as though dancing in a meadow—the motion of her light feet perfectly captured in figure form.

▲ Take a look at the detailed sculpting of her toes too!

Holo’s joyous expression, knit shawl and barley pouch have been brought into figure form in stunning detail.

Holo is also holding an abundance of colorful fruits on the skirt of her dress!

▲ Just as the product name suggests, it’s easy to imagine the sweet scent of all of that fresh fruit.

The back of her dress is mostly hidden by her shawl, but has been carefully sculpted and painted as well.

Be sure to take a look from every angle when you take her home!

Holo ~Wolf and the Scent of Fruit~

Preorders open the 25th of March!

Keep an eye on the Good Smile Company official site for details!