Hi everyone! My name is Nacchan and I work for the Good Smile Company Promotion Team!

Today I’ll be giving you a look at one of Good Smile Company’s latest dolls in the Harmonia bloom series!

*Doll stand may differ from final product.

🌹Harmonia bloom Rose🌹

Available for preorder until the 24th of February!

After Madonna Lily, the next Harmonia bloom doll is Rose! The series of dolls is based on flowers!

Which is your favorite?

Let’s take a look at Rose!


Harmonia bloom dolls feature different packages for each character!

Rose’s box features a deep red color with a gold inlay.


Rose’s eyes are based on the thorns of a rose. They utilize lamé material inside so they shine when light hits them.

She also features a yellow-green eyeshadow! You can also see her eyelashes have a green tint to them as well.

The makeup of Harmonia bloom dolls is done individually by hand, making for an extraordinarily detailed look!


Her outfit also features a ton of detail!

Her red, rose-like jacket and the pauldrons and small buttons of it have been created with care.

Her skirt has been made in the image of rose petals!

The skirt is made with a light, layered fabric, making for a perfect contrast with her top and boots!

The skirt of the doll is removable as well!

▲You can see it is fastened at the ribbon.

▲Taking it off, you can really see the petal motif!

Of course, she has underwear on underneath, but her underwear is quite a bit different from the other Harmonia bloom dolls, so I wanted to show you!

▲That red line looks cool!

Even the parts of her outfit that you normally can’t see are so detailed!

She also comes with the first pair of long boots in the Harmonia bloom series!

The long boots are interchangeable! She also comes with bare feet parts as well.

(I love that her toenails are rose-colored too!)

I was even able to get a comment from Mihiru of Babydo, the designer of Rose’s outfit! Please take a look!

Moka-san’s illustration was really lovely, so I did my best to create the skirt according to the design. The manufacturing team was able to create the design perfect, and I was so touched when I saw the first sample! Thanks to them Rose looks both cute and gallant. Please have a look for yourself!

Thank you for your comment, Mihiru!

I took some pictures of Rose together with Madonna Lily as well!

I took this photo as those Rose was leading Madonna Lily! Take a look at her hand!

▲She comes with both a gloved arm and bare arm!

As you can see, her nails feature rose coloring as well!

Here’s another picture of them together!

Harmonia bloom Rose is up for preorder until the 24th of February, so be sure to preorder her for your collection!