After over 10 years of the figma series, today marks the date preorders open for…

figma Sekiro

Hello! I’m IG Sakai from the Max Factory Planning Department!

I’ve completed all of the trophies for Sekiro and am now on my 7th playthrough of the game.

And now, I’m so excited to show you figma Sekiro!

In addition to the photos you can see on the product page and special site, I took plenty of pictures for the purpose of this blog as well!

By the way, this figma has been made with the supervision of the designers of Sekiro, the shinobi prosthetic tools and sculptor’s idol from From Software!

Thanks to their help, we were able to recreate figma Sekiro as though he was taken straight out of the game!

Out of all of the figmas up until this point, I would have to say this one is certainly one of the most detailed!

First, let’s take a look at his face!

▲You can see just how detailed we were able to recreate his face with the use of triple 3d painting!

Take a look at the hairs on his forehead too!

With the use of 3d painting, we’re able to achieve an even more detailed appearance compared to traditional pad printing and mask paintwork.

Using this special paintwork, we can even recreate details like his Mark of the Dragon’s Heritage in extraordinary detail!

Besides his face, things like his clothes have been carefully 3D sculpted and painted to give the impression of texture.

Even different cloth portions have different textures! Three texture patterns were used in total.


Not only is the sculptwork finely detailed, but various points of articulation have been incorporated for maximum posability.

Let’s recreate the various stances from the game to start out!


Ako Stance


Ungo Stance


Gokan Stance


Yashariku Stance


Gachiin Stance

His shoulders feature a wide range of articulation as well, allowing you to display him holding his sword in both hands like this!

Don’t miss all of the included parts as well!



Mortal Blade


Grapple Hook


▲Wrap the grapple hook around his wrist to pose him with it!


These parts are all included with the standard version of the figma!

Let’s take a look at the DX edition parts!


Loaded Axe

▲The wood and iron textures have been faithfully recreated!


Loaded Spear


▲The spear is quite large!


Loaded Umbrella

▲This really helped a lot of you during boss fights, didn’t it? The pattern and metallic look has been recreated using pad printing!

Don’t forget to attach this part when displaying Sekiro with his shinobi prosthetic tools!

▲Even the tiny parts were preserved in the figma to accurately recreate his appearance from the game!


Death Effect

▲It’s incredible how much suffering a single kanji character can bring.

It’s not red though, so you still have a chance to fight again!


▲Here is a look at how the effect sheet looks when you use it!

I wonder how many times everyone has seen this screen in-game?

By using this effect sheet, you too can easily…die.


Sculptor’s Idol



▲The blue flame is removable!

If you’re wondering how we recreated the foggy look of the photo on the product page, we just used dry ice, actually!

▲Here’s our cameraman K, and there I am pouring warm water on the dry ice!

Here’s all of the parts included with the DX Edition!

And, here is a look at the GSC Online Shop bonus item!

Sweet Rice Ball!

It’s the Sweet Rice Ball from Kuro!

“This one is sure to taste good as well.”

Be sure to check out more info and preorder at the links below!

●Special Site:

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Preorders close the 11th of June 2020 at 12:00JST! Be sure to preorder!


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