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It’s finally the season for hot drinks, isn’t it? Hopefully the vending machines will start stocking up with more hot drinks soon!

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Lacia

From the anime “BEATLESS” comes a Nendoroid of Lacia-class hIE5 “Lacia”! She comes with three face plates including her somewhat cold standard expression, a closed-eyes expression and a smiling expression.

Her device, BLACK MONOLITH, a background sheet to display her with an open version of BLACK MONOLITH are both included! A tea set to recreate everyday scenes is included as well. Be sure to add her to your collection!

Lacia-class hIE Type-005

From the anime BEATLESS comes Lacia-class hIE Type-005: “Lacia” as an adorable Nendoroid!

Her light purple hair, ice-blue eyes and unique outfit have been carefully brought into Nendoroid form!

▲Her device, BLACK MONOLITH, has been brought to Nendoroid size as well!

Not only is the gradation in her hair clearly depicted, fine details like the glossy look of her outfit have been meticulously recreated as well. ε=(。・д・。)

▲These parts around her waist can also be removed!

As for face plates, in addition to her somewhat cold standard expression shown above…

closed-eyes expression and gentle smiling expression are both included!

▲Various different arm parts are included, allowing for a variety of different posing options!

(This… this is…!?!)

Yes! She also comes with a tea set (with teapot and tea-filled cup) in order to recreate scenes from everyday life! Interchangeable leg parts are also included so you can pose her sitting on her knees! ((´д`●))三((●´д`))

▲These interchangeable leg parts are very useful for posing, and not just with Nendoroid Lacia!

Finally, let’s take a look at the background sheet showing her device, BLACK MONOLITH, in its opened form. ε-(o´ω`o)

Parts to stand the sheet up are included, so you can display it behind Nendoroid Lacia!

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Nendoroid Lacia

She’ll be available for preorder from the 28th of September (Fri)!

Keep your eyes on the Good Smile Company official site for details!


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