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Today I’m going to be taking a look at KADOKAWA’s…
Eriri Spencer Sawamura: Dakimakura Ver.!

From “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” comes a 1/7th scale figure from KADOKAWA of Eriri Spencer Sawamura. The figure is based on the illustration by Kurehito Misaki that was originally used for a dakimakura hugging pillow.

Eriri is posed with her shirt opened up revealing her elegant curves. She has a slight blush on her cheeks allowing fans to enjoy her slightly embarrassed appearance as she lies in a rather revealing pose. All the details on the back that were never visible on the original illustration have also been faithfully included, so be sure to take a close look once she joins your collection!

The blond childhood friend descending into your bedroom!


A figure based on a hugging pillow illustration that was done by character designer Kurehito Misaki, originally included in the “Eriri Box”!

A figure of Eriri… 

in a rather revealing… 

…and tempting pose! <●><●>

She doesn’t come with a stand since she is lying down, but in its place she comes with a lovely white cushion to display her on, which also really brings out the atmosphere of the figure!

The slight blush on her cheeks is lovely!! ☆

The blush makes looking into her eyes all the more of a rush! The fact that this pose is so different to her normal character is also what makes it such a lovely experience!

Personally I quite like this angle from the back! You get a lovely look at all the curves along her body!

▲ The collar bone, twisted hips and belly button!! (・∀・)

She has a very slender build, but it still has just enough substance to it that leaves to looking soft to the touch! ♪

In particular, her thighs look so soft and touchable! Plus the creases on her half-removed skirt have been sculpted with so much care! (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

Lying down figures are fairy rare, but they have a special charm to them! The fact that you don’t see them very often adds an extra special feeling!

Plus, as is written in the release text… “all the details on the back that were never visible on the original illustration have also been faithfully included”! Definitely something to look forward to! ♪

Your very own Eriri to lie by your side!
Eriri Spencer Sawamura: Dakimakura Ver.!

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