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Today I’m going to be taking a look at a figure that should have been announced last month; the 1/7th scale…
Akari Kawamoto!

From the popular anime “March Comes in Like a Lion” comes a figure of the eldest of the three sisters that live in Sangatsu town, Akari Kawamoto! The figure is based on an original illustration by character designer Nobuhiro Sugiyama (SHAFT), and has been carefully supervised by the original author of the series, Chica Umino!

The cable knitting of her sweater has been captured with 3D sculptwork for an amazingly realistic appearance. The sculpt and paintwork of the figure has been carefully tuned to capture the atmosphere of the series as faithfully as possible, with Akari posed as if gently chatting with Rei Kiriyama on the way home from shopping. Be sure to add her to your collection!


The dress with flowery patterns for a cute retro appearance has been beautifully captured on the figure, and it also has a swaying movement to give the figure a more dynamic appearance as if gently blowing in the wind! ♪

Her apple print bag has also been captured in lovely detail! You can even see there are items inside by the way the sides bulge out slightly!

▲ Note the posing of her pinky finger! (・∀・)イイ!!

I also love the way her hand has been sculpted! It’s not the most showy looking hand ever, but it has a soft and gentle look to it that really suits her character perfectly!

▲ I’m sure if you held her hand she would hold
your hand back with a nice warm grip!

The overall pose has her leaning over slighting while looking down! You will have to imagine who she is looking down at!! (*´꒳`*)

▲ The slightly open mouth makes her look so cute and innocent!

Another thing that is absolutely amazing to look at on the figure is the amount of detail on her sweater!!

The intricate pattern has been captured with perfect attention to detail thanks to the use of 3D sculpting techniques!

The photos don’t do it justice! It looks so amazing!!

The layered sticking around her shoulders, the way the fabric twists to fit her body and posture… it’s really hard to believe that this is made from hard PVC and is not as soft as it looks! (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

The details of the stitching is one thing, but the slack and creases added to that make it simply outstanding! Be sure to slide your finger along the little ups and downs of the stitching once she joins your collection!

The figure is based on this original illustration which was done by the character design for the “March Comes in Like a Lion” character designer Nobuhiro Sugiyama! It was illustrated especially for the figure! (●‘∀‘●)ノ”

In addition to that, every stage of the sculpting and paintwork of the figure was carefully supervised by the original author of the series, Chica Umino!

A gentle figure with a warm touch! 

The 1/7th scale figure…
Akari Kawamoto!

She is currently up for preorder!


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