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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…
Nendoroid Itaru Chigasaki

From the popular game “A3!” comes a Nendoroid of the refreshing and gentle elite company employee, Itaru Chigasaki! He comes with three face plates including a gentle standard face, a winking expression as well as a confident expression to display him playing games.

You can enjoy him with his standard look, but he also comes with a smartphone, console controller and alternate front hair parts to display him as the hardcore gamer that he is! Be sure to enjoy all sorts of situations with the princely elite salaryman in your collection!

“Haha. If there is anything troubling you, just let me know.”

From the popular smartphone game that has surpassed 5 million downloads, “A3!” comes a Nendoroid of the refreshing prince and “Elite Company Employee”, Itaru Chigasaki!! ♪

The gradient of his hair that becomes slightly lighter toward the tips, his prim outfit yet contrasting shoes that show off his ankles as well as that princely smile and beautiful eyes have all been captured in lovely detail for his Nendoroid rendition!!

▲ The way his hair stands up at the back looks great! (*´ェ`*)!!

Along with his standard expression above, he also comes with a classy winking expression as his second face plate!

The way he looks so calm while winking makes you think he is used to making this pose! He looks so confident and comfortable with it! There is something about it that also gives off a bit of a sexy air too!! (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

Moving onto his third face plate…

A confident expression perfect to display him in gamer mode!

He suddenly doesn’t look quite as princely and friendly when he is in this mode!! The smartphone which he uses to play games and spends way too much on micro transactions is also included for him to hold in his hand!

In addition, he also comes with an alternate hair part with his hair up for a rather different look entirely!! ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ

In his hand he holds a console controller to show he is really ready for the more hardcore level of gaming!! The controller is the same one that was included with the previously announced Nendoroid Banri Settsu!

This of course means you can easily display the two hardcore gamers together, either playing as friends or as rivals!! ♪

▲ A victory wink! ☆

The alternate hair part faithfully has all the hair bunched up on top!

Enjoy both the refreshing princely side as well as the more playful gamer side of Itaru in your Nendoroid collection! ★
Nendoroid Itaru Chigasaki

He’ll be up for preorder from the 16th March!!

Keep your eyes on the Good Smile Company Web Site for more details! ☆

In addition, purchases from certain stores will include special bonuses!

Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: Itaru Chigasaki


animate Purchase Bonus
Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: Itaru Chigasaki At Home Ver.

*Please contact animate stores for more details.

Be sure to consider them when preordering!

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