“I leave the Winter to you. Don’t let sensei feel lonely…”

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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…

From the popular manga series currently being serialized in Monthly Afternoon magazine, “Land of the Lustrous” comes a figure of the character who is only active in the Winter, Antarcticite! The figure sculpted by Kamiture Sayoko was originally sold as a garage kit at the Summer Wonder Festival 2016, but has now been carefully converted into an ABS&PVC figure!

The detail of both the sculpt and paintwork of the original kit has been preserved as faithfully as possible. The hair parts make use of translucent parts together with a metallic look, and various other parts of the figure also make use of translucent parts creating a beautiful figure that changes depending on the angle of light around it. Be sure to add this gem to your collection!

The Antarctic gemstone

From “Land of the Lustrous”, the popular manga series with a unique universe and charm that was also made into an anime series comes a scale figure of the character who watches over the Winter while the other jewels hibernate – Antarcticite!

That famous scene has been captured in figure form!! (/ω\)

Each and every part of Antarc’s crumbling body has been sculpted with intricate detail and care creating a wonderfully unique figure that changes completely depending on the angle you choose to look from!

The cross-section of the shattered parts of the delicate jewel has been sculpted with a sharp, jagged look while the unbroken parts are still soft and skin-like creating an amazing contrast that is such a pleasure to look upon! (´;ω;`)

Plus this heart-rending expression…!

No matter what angle you look from it is an absolute work of art!!

▲The positioning of the fingers is also lovely!

Here is a quick spin of the entire figure! (∩・∀・)∩

The figure is of course based on the scene where Antarc is shattered into pieces and the various parts of the body fall to the ground…

Even though I know the figure is solid and made from a hard material that can’t possibly move, when you stare at this Antarc is slowly fading away like the sand in an hourglass!! It’s a really strange feeling!!

Bit that feeling is exactly what makes it so captivating!! It’s hard to pull your eyes away from him once you start looking!!

The fleeting, fragile and beautiful appearance has been captured in figure form by Kamiture Sayoko! (@sisida881227) (。・ω・)ノ゙

This figure was actually a garage kit that was sold by Kamiture Sayoko at the Summer 2016 Wonder Festival, which has now been converted into a standard product keeping all the intricate sculpting details as faithfully as possible for more fans to enjoy in their collection!!

This version of the figure has been painted by Hiroyuki Hirose from Decomas Lab (@decomaslabo)!

The hair part makes use of not only translucent parts but also a metallic coating which really captures that gemstone-like look! It’s rather hard to capture it in these photos, but the way the light reflects off the hair with a beautiful shine is absolutely stunning! The colors have an almost aurora effect! (っ’ω’)っ))

The creases and shadows along the outfit also allow you to picture the shape of the gem’s body even though the clothes! It’s such a hard figure to explain, but when you see it you will probably find yourself at a loss for words just like I am! It’s a strange mix of sadness and excitement that I hope everyone can feel even though my photos!!

Be sure to add the unique charm to your collection!

He’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!

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