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Today I’m going to be taking a look at this 1/7th scale figure of…

From the popular web manga posted on Twitter that also became an anime series, “Tawawa on Monday”, comes a 1/7th scale figure of the junior employee often leaves herself a little too open – Kouhai-chan!

The figure is based on the 91st manga panel that was posted to Twitter, and features Kouhai-chan in a slightly transparent white collared shirt, skin-colored stockings with a realistic texture and many more amazing details! The chair and table are included with the figure, and both have been carefully painted to capture the textures as faithfully as possible.

In addition, she also comes with an alternate face part designed by the original author Kiseki Himura, allowing fans to enjoy a rather different situation! Be sure to enjoy the bouncy “Tawawa” on Monday, or any other day of the week with this figure sitting by your side!

Beaujolais Nyu-bo

From the Twitter-based manga created to sooth the stress of Mondays, “Tawawa on Monday”, comes a scale figure of Kouhai-chan!


The figure is based on the 91st panel of the manga, which featured a rather tipsy looking Kouhai-chan showing off her impressive bosom with a rather innocent expression on her face!

Kouhai-chan’s lovely looking body is one thing, but the atmosphere created by the table and sofa makes for a lovely figure filled with so many different details to enjoy!

It’s like a little miniature diorama of Kouhai-chan enjoying some “Beaujolais Nyu-bo” wine! If we take a closer look at the table you can even see it has been painted and sculpted with a little bit of wear and tear for an more realistic appearance!

▲ The peeled off part on the corner…!

The sculptor for this figure is Good Smile Company’s Kai Sasaki (Shashaki), and it has been painted by Good Smile Company’s Ekoshi!! These are the same two members that worked together on Uzuki Shimamura: Crystal Night Party Ver.!

▲ Released in November 2016

Anyway, let’s get back to Kouhai-chan!

That drunk-happy look in her eyes has been captured perfectly, and if we take a look down at her feet you’ll notice she has kicked off her shoes!

The shoes themselves are included but are not attached to anything, so you can move them around freely as you wish!

While we are here I also want to point out the tip of her stockings! The sculpting and paintwork here is simply amazing!! You can literally see where each of the toes are right through the stocking!(/ω\)

Plus if we take a look from the side…

We get a lovely look at her thighs! (*´ェ`*)

The slit in her skirt even provides a slight peek at her bare skin where the stockings end! Plus the details of the underside of her knees and just the overall smooth stocking-look of the legs is such a pleasure to the eyes!

The bottle of wine that she is drinking is also included complete with the Beaujolais Nyu-bo logo and more details! (●‘∀‘●)ノ”

▲ The label design was also done by the sculptor, Kai Sasaki! ♪

In her hands she holds a wine glass with the last few drops of wine swirling around, made with a translucent red!

▲ The way she is holding the glass and the other hand leaning
on the sofa!!  The position of her fingers is amazing!!

Speaking of wine…

She also has some wine in her cleavage!!

She comes with this alternate part to display wine dripping down her cleavage!!

The figure also allows you to enjoy all the areas that were never visible in the original illustration! From the back you can see just how see-through her white shirt is – the bra straps and her shoulder blades are all so beautifully detailed, and combined with the creases in her shirt… I’m just left speechless!

A look from the other side of what the illustration showed!

If you look close you can make out the black outlines of where her bra is!!

You really don’t see it at first glance, but the difference in color is definitely there – intricately balanced!! You can also see the black strap going up over her shoulder very clearly from this angle!

In addition, she also comes with an alternate face which was designed by the original author, Kiseki Himura! (∩・∀・)∩

A very different look, but just as cute!!

This version is perhaps more suited to the wine slipping down her cleavage, as if she just noticed it with a bit of surprise in her face! The innocent and slightly tipsy look is definitely still there though! Depending on the angle you use it can also be used for other purposes though…

For example, having her look down at you!!

It is definitely a figure that allows for all sorts of interesting situations and it can really get the mind running!! I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I have! ((´д`●))三((●´д`))

Grab her innocent smile for yourself! The 1/7th scale…

She is currently up for preorder!


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▲ I tried to edit the image to bring out the blue color of the manga!



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