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Sometimes when I’m tired I go the Pokémon Center to listen to the healing sound of the machine. It makes me feel all better! ~♪~♪~♪♪♪~

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…
Nendoroid Giovanni & Mewtwo!

From the popular “Pokémon” game series comes a Nendoroid of Giovanni together with Mewtwo! Giovanni comes with three face plates including his standard expression, a mysterious shadowed expression as well as a realistic expression that contrasts the chibi appearance of the Nendoroid.

The “R” logo on his chest pocket comes in both the standard Team Rocket red as well as an alternate version for Team Rainbow Rocket. Mewtwo comes with Psystrike parts as well as an alternate arm part to easily pose combat scenes! Be sure to enjoy both Giovanni and Mewtwo in your collection!

“I love strong things!”


The leader of the Team Rocket, Giovanni is joining the Nendoroids!! Her black suit featuring the “R” logo as well as his bold smile have all been captured perfectly in Nendoroid size! (´□`。)

His first face plate is the belligerent smile you see above, but he also comes with this mysterious shadowed face plate for some more cunning poses!

(He is definitely planning something evil…)

The face plate itself has the shadow directly painted onto it to really capture the darker side of Giovanni in the shadows!

Moving onto his third face plate, we have a rather unique realistic expression!

A Nendoroid expression with the eye sockets actually sculpted into the face plate might be a first! The nose and mouth are also sculpted in a different style to normal, creating a really strange realistic look that mismatches with the chibi body in a strange yet cute way!

Even so, he still retains a certain amount of chibiness to keep that cute Nendoroid-like feeling! ♪

Plus, he also comes with this iconic Pokémon!


The design has been carefully altered in order to both preserve the unique form of Mewtwo’s body while also matching the size and proportions to look good when displayed together with the Nendoroid!

The legs are attached with a ball joint, the arms have small Nendoroid joints and the chest area is also articulated allowing for all sorts of different poses!!

▲ The tail can also sway from left to right!

In addition, “Psystrike” attack effect parts are also included together with alternate arm parts to pose battle scenes! ♪

Be sure play around with various different poses once the Pokémon joins your collection!

▲ Just changing the pose can sometimes have for a bit of a wistful look!

An alternate pocket logo for Giovanni’s jacket is also included! (っ’ω’)っ)) 

This allows you to switch between Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket whenever you please! ♪

▲ The realistic face together with Mewtwo looks… strong!

Be sure to add the Team Rocket boss to your collection!
Nendoroid Giovanni & Mewtwo!

He is currently up for preorder!


There are also a few preorder bonuses depending on where you order from!

Pokémon Center Bonus

Beast Ball

This product, in English packaging, will be available from PokemonCenter.com with his bonus at a later date! Stay tuned for updates! The Japanese version is available from the Pokémon Center Online!



R Logo Base


Be sure to consider the bonuses when preordering! 


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