Hello everyone!! Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

The year has almost come to an end! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the winners and some other photos from this little photo contest we ran over the past few weeks!
Nendoroid Christmas Photo Contest!


A big thank you to everyone who took part! The results have been announced over on the details page above, but I thought I’d take a look at them on the blog as well!

◆ Top Photo Prize ◆

Photographer: @galexvphtgrphy

◆ Second Place Prize ◆

Photographer: @kotorippe

◆ Early Bird Prize ◆



We received over 1000 entries to the contest, all of which were filled with Christmas spirit and love for Nendoroids!! Here are a few other photos that I personally really enjoyed! (∩・∀・)∩

▼Photo by: @shiroro69

Santa KAITO delivering presents to Rin and Len as they sleep!! Such a precious photo with lovely attention to detail! Just looking at it makes me feel all happy inside!! ♥

▼Photo by: lordhaliax

▼Photo by: @Dr_Cow

A brand new way to use the Nendoroid Pouch: Sleeping Bag (Red Ver. / Blue Ver.)! As Christmas tree ornaments!! ε-(o´ω`o)

▼Photo by: @NendoStories

To think you could make use of those hand parts to recreate a present opening scene! Genius!! It’s amazing what poses you can create with a little ingenuity!!

▼Photo by: shikanencraft

If you take a close look at each of the Touken Nendoroids, each character has been posed with a special role for Christmas! (*´∀`*)

▼Photo by: @maruzozo

All of the Aqours Nendoroids dressed up in the Santa outfits that were released earlier this year!! Even though the poses are quite limited with these parts, these photos successfully bring out each of the girl’s characters! You can really feel the love for Aquors in these photos!

▼Photo by: pinga_vincent

I took a lot of photos with cats for the April Fools Joke earlier this year, but most of them were always running around and making it hard for me to photograph! It’s lovely to see a kitty together with a Nendoroid in a much more relaxed pose!! ★

▼Photo by: @miyako_nendoro

A rather different photo to most of the others, but that’s what makes it so special! The use of little extra parts and the background to add that little extra Christmas feel are all lovely… and the way Miku is staring right at me is lovely!

▼Photo by: curiousherring

A Christmas morning filled with all sorts of fun and gifts! The lighting and use of all sorts of little parts really brings the scene to life! ♪

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as I did! Thanks again to everyone who took part!

You can see many more entities over on the special page below!

Christmas Photo Contest

In addition, we also have this contest still underway! ★
Nendoroid More: Face Swap Expression Design Contest 2018!

Submissions are open from 7th December 2017 from 12:00JST until the 19th January 2018 at 23:59JST

The Nendoroid More: Face Swap series that featured a variety of new expressions for your Nendoroids is coming back once again in an all new set! We already have a number of special Nendoroid face plates in the works, but we are also looking for some fan-made designs to include in the set! If there has ever been an expression you wished existed for Nendoroids now id your chance to have that design become an official product! Find out more below!


Nendoroid More: Face Swap Expression Design Contest 2018

We’re looking forward to your entries! (●‘∀‘●)ノ”


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