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Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…
Nendoroid More LoveLive!Sunshine!! Dress Up World Image Girls Vol.1!

From the anime series “LoveLive!Sunshine!!” comes a brand new addition to the Nendoroid More Dress Up series – each of the Aqours members were selected by fans to be a representative of various counties, and the outfits they were wearing for this project that represent the various countries around the world have now been shrunk down to Nendoroid size!

The first volume in the series includes five different outfits: The Taiwan outfit worn by Chika Takami, the Australian outfit worn by Kanan Matsuura, the Singaporean outfit worn by Dia Kurosawa, the English outfit worn by Yoshiko Tsushima and the South Korean outfit worn by Ruby Kurosawa. Be sure to display them with their respective Nendoroids!

* Images are for illustrative purposes only. No Nendoroid head parts are included with this product.

The Aqours members dressed up in iconic outfits from around the world!

This product that was revealed on the official LoveLive! Twitter account earlier today!! ♪

This first volume of the set will include these five outfits!

◆ Taiwan outfit worn by Chika Takami
◆ Australian outfit worn by Kanan Matsuura
◆ Singaporean outfit worn by Dia Kurosawa
◆ UK outfit worn by Yoshiko Tsushima
◆ South Korean outfit worn by Ruby Kurosawa

Let’s take a closer look at each of them!! (。・ω・)ノ゙

WAIT! Before that!!


In order to create the complete poses you see below, you will need to combine this set together with the previously released members of the LoveLove!Sunshine!! Nendoroid series! ★



Chika Takami: Taiwan Outfit

Look at those cute little heels!! The glamorous paintwork together with the high heels make for such a cute look!

Kanan Matsuura: Australian Outfit

* The hat for the Australian Image Girl (Kanan Matsuura) is not included in this set. It is included in Vol.2

A very energetic and adventurous looking Kanan! The outfit has so many pockets as well as two bags which have all sculpted in amazing detail!!

Dia Kurosawa: Singaporean Outfit

A rather tight looking long skirt gives Dia a mature appearance that suits her so nicely! The patterns on the hemming are so intricate even in Nendoroid size! ☆

Yoshiko Tsushima UK Outfit

* The alternate hair and hat part are included as a boxset purchase bonus!

Such a simple yet cute outfit! She looks so prim, proper and elegant! The reverse side is also nicely detailed! ε-(o´ω`o)

Ruby Kurosawa: South Korean Outfit

A very large skirt makes the outfit nice and stable – if you balance her carefully you don’t even need a stand when using this outfit! The unique form of the outfit as well as the tie up at her chest have all been carefully detailed!


Add an international charm to your Aqours Nendoroids! ♪
Nendoroid More LoveLive!Sunshine!! Dress Up World Image Girls Vol.1

They will be up for preorder from tomorrow!

– Notice #1 –

These outfits are sold as collectible items in random boxes, however you can purchase a boxset to receive all of the variations at once. The boxset will also include a new head part for Yoshiko Tsushima to complete her maid transformation! ★

*No Nendoroid Face Plates are Included. The Front/Back Hair and Hat Only.

Be sure to consider the bonus when preordering or buying!

– Notice #2 –

I already previously noted this in the blog, but please note that the Australian Hat part is not included in this set, but will be a part of the second volume which will be coming soon!

Stay tuned for updates on Vol.2!!

– Notice #3 –

Together with this product going up for preorder, this Nendoroid will also be up for rerelease for those who missed out on her!

Nendoroid Chika Takami!



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