Nendoroid Poppin’Party: Complete!

Hello everyone!! Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the final Poppin’Party Nendoroid…
Nendoroid Saya Yamabuki!

From the anime series BanG Dream! comes a Nendoroid of Poppin’Party’s lead drummer, Saya Yamabuki! She comes with three face plates including a standard expression, a cheerful smiling expression as well as a content expression.

Optional parts include her drum set featuring the band logo allowing you to display her performing live, as well as her twin pedal bag allowing you to display her on the way to and from practice. Be sure to display her with the previously announced Poppin’Party Nendoroids and recreate various different situations from the series!

“Welcome to Yamabuki Bakery!”

Poppin’Party’s drummer and someone who will always be willing to listen to Kasumi’s troubles and help out the group – Saya Yamabuki is joining the Nendoroids! ♡

Her  ponytail tied up quite high has been beautifully sculpted! ♪

▲ The ponytail features a joint allowing it to swing left and right! (●‘∀‘●)ノ”

But perhaps the most impressive thing about her Nendoroid is that it comes with a complete, fully detailed drum set!! Just look at the impressive size of the set!!

▲ Even the double pedal on the left has been preserved in Nendoroid size!

On the front of the drums you can see the BanG Dream! logo together with the Pearl Drums logo, which has been included with full permission from the company! ☆

▲ Even in chibi size, the detail makes the drums look very realistic!

This of course means that the Nendoroid Poppin’Party series is now complete!!

– Nendoroid Kasumi Toyama –

▲ Releases August 2017

– Nendoroid Arisa Ichigaya –

▲ Releases September 2017

Nendoroid Rimi Ushigome –

▲ Releases October 2017

Nendoroid Tae Hanazono –

▲ Releases October 2017


Anyway, let’s get back to Saya! ♥

Along with her gentle standard expression above, she also comes with a cheerful winking expression, as well as…

A super cute content expression! ♥

There is something about this expression that makes me feel all relaxed inside! She looks so very happy!! (/ω\)

You can combine this expression with the drum set to display her really enjoying her own performance with the band!! ☆

I imagine that if I was standing in front of her playing the guitar and I looked back to see this expression, I would instantly lose any stress and worry I had and be able to play at my very best!! I’m a little envious of Kasumi!!

Along with the drum set, she also comes with another little accessory…

A Twin Pedal Bag to display her on the way to practise! ♪

This part matches up with all the previous members instrument cases, allowing you to display them all walking along together with their instruments!

▲ The thickness of the bag has been faithfully captured!

Be sure to add the reliable drummer to your collection!
Nendoroid Saya Yamabuki!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 29th June!

In addition, if you purchase from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP, you will also receive a Special Background Sheet for Nendoroids (Yamabuki Bakery) as a bonus! ♪

Be sure to consider it when preordering!!

▲ Bonus is exclusive to the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP!




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