Hello everyone! Suwabe (@gsc_suwabe) from the Corporate Planning Division here! Today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Max Factory’s 1/7th Scale:

Megurine Luka: Temptation Ver.!

From SEGA’s popular rhythm game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd” comes a 1/7th scale figure of Megurine Luka wearing her Temptation module! The sexy outfit brings out her seductive charm, and has been preserved in perfect detail by sculptor Grizzry Panda!

Luka’s impressive curves, the meticulous detail on her outfit, flow of her hair and the way the finger inside her stocking stretches it out are just a few of the highlights the figure has to offer! She also comes with an interchangeable face part that allows you to display her without her mask. Be sure to add the charming Megurine Luka to you collection and enjoy her beauty by your side whenever you like!

Manufacturer: Max Factory
Category: 1/7th Scale
Release Date: 2018/03
Sculptor: Grizzry Panda
Paintwork: Hajime Akimoto

Ready to tempt you with her stunning beauty!

A figure of Megurine Luka based on her “Temptation” module from the Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd rhythm game!

Here are some previous works by the same sculptor, Grizzry Panda ♪

▼ Released January 2017
Hatsune Miku: Orange Blossom Ver.

▼ Releasing November 2017
Hatsune Miku: Heart Hunter Ver.

Grizzry Panda also somehow creates such a dynamic appearance for figures that are perfectly still! Just like all the previous works, this time Megurine Luka: Temptation Ver. is just as beautifully detailed and also captures that feeling of movement so nicely!

▼ Let’s start off with a 360° look! ♪

There are many different point I want to take a closer look at, so let’s get started with come close-ups! ♡

Temptation Point 1: Flank

Just look at this sexy opening in her outfit!!!

▼A Closer Look!

A rather unique outfit with a cut out the side gives a delicious look at the bare skin of her flank! I have to send my thanks to hatsuko, the designer of the module!

Temptation Point 2: Bottom

The tight fitting pants make sure her beautiful bottom could be sculpted to really show off the shape and curves for everyone to enjoy! You need to take a nice close look – and feel – once she joins your collection!

Temptation Point 3: Hands

Both the right hand…

and the left hand…

They create such an audacious look!!

Such an amazing pose! \(^o^)/

The left hand is touching slipping into the opening of her top, while the right hand has the thumb slipping down into her stocking! Both such teasing gestures that really bring out the “Temptation” name in the figure!

There is one more great feature about the figure as well!
The mask can be removed! ♡

Getting a look at something that was previously hidden away always gets me excited! Another part included is also included as a preorder bonus…

A Bunny Ear Alice-band! ♡

This is a preorder bonus only included with orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP! ♪

Add a new temptation for your collection! ♡

Megurine Luka: Temptation Ver.!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 27th June 2017!

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Module Design: hatsuko
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