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When I was in school I hardly ever visited the school infirmary, but now that school is over the whole idea of a “school infirmary” seems like such a distant location that it has a certain mystique to it! Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at ASPIRE’s 1/7th scale…

Hana Midorikawa!

From the popular series “Prison School” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the secretary of the Underground Student Council – Hana Midorikawa, also known as Hana-chan. The figure is based on the pose that was used on an illustration card given out as a store purchase bonus with the 8th volume of the manga.

The figure features a carefully detailed school infirmary bed as a base. Hana-chan is posed lying on the bed in the middle of changing her clothes with a pure and innocent smile on her face, as she reveals her soft thighs, bottom and beloved striped panties. Be sure to add this cute and charming figure of Hana-chan to your collection!

* Figure Length Approx. 145mm (225mm with base)
* Approximately 10 of this item will be on sale prior to release at the Summer Wonder Festival 2017.

The student loved by all! A 1/7th scale figure of Hana-chan!!

The easy-going karate champion and secretary of the Underground Student Council – Hana Midorikawa has been transformed into a 1/7th scale figure!


The figure is based on the pose that was used on an illustration card given out as a store purchase bonus with the 8th volume of the manga, which features her in the middle of getting changed while lying on a bed! There are so many things that make this figure interesting, but perhaps the most unique is the pose!

Lying on a bed with her pants at her knees!

The pose makes you picture the motion that was taken just seconds before the figure was sculpted!

The details of the bed that she uses as her base are also amazing!

A rather firm looking white mattress with a sheet on top which is filled with creases! If this was a hotel bed I’m sure we should see a perfectly smooth pure white sheet, but the fact that it is all creased and a slightly blue color brings out that ‘school infirmary’ feeling very nicely! (・∀・)

From the side you can see how the mattress sinks down! ♪

The rather large pants as well as the bony look of her ankles as they come out the other end have all been sculpted amazingly! (∩・∀・)∩

Plus then we also have this facial expression!

She looks so cute, pure and innocent! (/ω\)

Those shining eyes, blushed cheeks and tightly closed lips! Her iconic hairstyle with a lovely gradient paint job has also been faithfully included, and the creases in her blazer bring out even more attention to detail! For some reason when I look at this smile I don’t think of a girl removing her pants on a bed, but rather someone enjoying blowing some bubbles in a park!

You can also make use of the bed frame to create some rather teasing photos like this! ♥

▲Looking from this angle makes it seem like
you are sneaking up behind her to get a peek

Be sure to add the secretary of the Underground Student Council to your collection!

The 1/7th Scale…
Hana Midorikawa!

She is currently up for preorder! ♥



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This broadcast will show the possible designs for the 2018 Snow Miku! Once again we will take votes during the broadcast as well as afterwards on a special site!

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