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I want to go out and enjoy the cherry blossoms with a nice bowl of oden!! I guess the season for oden is coming to an end now…!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at this…
Osomatsu-san Diorama Figure!

From the anime series ‘Osomatsu-san’ comes a special figure based on an original illustration by character designer Naoyuki Asano that features all six of the Matsuno brothers together! The illustration was based on the opening theme of the anime series where the six brothers jump out together, and the figure faithfully captures the dynamic feel together with a detailed base and background that creates a complete scene for the figure!

Each of the characters has been carefully sculpted to capture their unique traits, while also carefully tuning the figure as a whole to create a high-quality work of art that fans will be proud to add to their collection! Whether you choose to look at it from a distance and enjoy the characters as a group, or instead look up close at your favorite characters – don’t miss out on this amazing diorama figure!

The six grown-up Matsuno brothers as a single figure!

The figure was based on an original illustration drawn by the character designer for the series, Naoyuki Asano! ♥

The pose is a colorful and cute reminder of the opening theme to the series, with each of the characters in a pose that suits their individual personality!

Plus at the very bottom you have a base that is also made in the image of the Matsuno brother’s head shape to even further bring out the random atmosphere of the series! ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ

Of course, with the conversion into figure form all the areas that were never visible on the illustration have been faithfully sculpted to view from any angle you choose!!

Let’s start off with a 360° spin! ☆

Colorful and full of excitement!

While the figure features all six characters each and every one of them has been individually sculpted to capture their unique characteristics! I said earlier that the figure was a faithful representation of the illustration – but there is one difference if you look very close!

You may have noticed that on the illustration the colors used for the characters and the background are the same shades, but on the figure the characters and background use slightly different colors. The reason for this is that on an illustration it looks good, but when made into a 3D figure the same colors blend into each other which meant it made more sense to alter the colors slightly!

This is one of those examples that shows just how important the painting of the figure is! It’s not all just about the sculpt!

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at each of them starting with the oldest! ★

◆ Osomatsu ◆

A lovely, cheerful smile and pose! Even the details of his fingers have been carefully crafted!

◆ Karamatsu ◆

Those thick eyebrows and a pose trying to look as cool as possible! Just look at those low sunglasses and stylish placement of this right hand! The bundled up sleeves also look great! (・∀・)!!

◆ Choromatsu ◆

A rather upset looking mouth! You’ll notice the figure is tuned to look at as a whole with Osomatsu in the center, which is why the left side of his mouth appears slightly longer when you look at him directly from this angle.  

It really is fun to compare all the characters personalities just by looking at the figure! You really get a good feel for the differences between the brothers!

◆ Ichimatsu ◆

A kind of sleepy smile together with his classic half-closed eyes! Note that his slightly messy hair has also been captured with the sculpt! ☆

◆ Jyushimatsu ◆

A wide open mouth with his arms up in the air for a super playful and energetic pose! The back of his hair sticking up too!! I can just imagine his voice playing through my head!

◆ Todomatsu ◆

Last but not least we have a jumping Todomatsu with his one leg far out to the side of the figure! The height of each of the brothers has also been carefully tuned to be faithful to the series!

They all look lovely! Plus the best thing is that as it is a figure you can completely change the angle and enjoy a rather unique appearance such as this one! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

▲ Be sure to spin it around and find your favorite
angle once they join your collection! ♡

Another little bonus with the figure! 

The speech bubble part on top of Ichimatsu actually has a little opening in it! This allows you to insert a piece of paper or something similar…

To use the figure as a kind of memo stand!

This is just one way of making use of it! I’m sure there are other fun options that fans will figure out soon enough!

By the way, hasn’t anyone wondered how Jyushimatsu is being held up higher than the others? If you look from the side you can see!!

A fountain is shooting him up higher than the others!

▲ You can also see the water fountain from above!

Enjoy the Osomatsu-san universe in your collection with a single figure! ♡

Osomatsu-san Diorama Figure!

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