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I have recently become quite addicted to refrigerated chocolate cake! The cold chocolate tastes so nice in a warmed up room!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at some of the photos that fans have been sending in to become my next Twitter header!! A big thank you to everyone who sent in photos! The theme this time around was…

Winter and Figures!

Since last weekend the Winter cold has really been hitting Japan quite hard!! In 2016 I was beginning to think 2016 would be an easy Winter to get through but it’s been freezing ever since the New Year! It also seems people are catching colds left and right – be sure to stay warm and protect yourself from and colds!!

I received a huge selection of photos to warm up my heart during these cold Winter days, so today I’m going to be sharing them with everyone!! A big thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!! Today I’m going to be taking a look at some of them! 


It’s Christmas! What’s your wish this year? A new Nendoroid?

Photographer: Akatsuki_no_tsurugi

The Nendoroids all look so cute in their Santa outfits and hats!! They are sure to bring not only presents but lots of love with them too!! ♡


拍了 雪初音 ! 以 夢時代 的 場景拍攝 !

Photographer: 暱稱 阿現

The sparkly Winter scenery gives a rather romantic atmosphere! It looks like Miku-san has arrived in a snowy Christmas town on her skiis! ♥


I saw on the Taiwan version of the blog you were looking for photos, so I decided to send in one of my Christmas creations!

Photographer: F

A little performance on Christmas! It’s lovely to see characters from different series come together! I can just imagine the lovely melody they are making!


Merry Christmas!

Photographer: joarchanine

Miku the Red Nose Reindeer! The detail on her outfit with the bell and fluffy Christmas cape really stand out too!! The gentle snow and snowman in the background all come together for a fantastic photo!



Photographer: 扉冊

The adorable Abyss ship! Hoppo-chan on the Holy Night! I love little details and the placing of the accessories to help bring out the Christmas spirit! The Abyssal plane peeking out from the side of the tree is also a lovely touch! ★


I took a photo of Snow Miku during the light-up event at Odori Park in Sapporo. At the time the snow hadn’t quite piled up yet and the temperature was still in the positives… that said it was still rather cold out! As soon as I got my hands out to take the photo they felt like they would freeze.

That said, I had a lovely time taking photos of the event together with my Snow Miku! Some very nice memories to look back on! 

Photographer: Souta

It looks like Snow Miku is casting a spell to create the beautiful lights! Taking photos outdoors in Winter is always a battle against the cold – but it means you can get these lovely photos filled with the element of Winter!!


將令人期待的聖誕節身體與摯愛—凜 來搭配

Photographer: ??

You can just imagine Rin’s tsundere lines! :.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚

The sparkly lights in the background also make for a bit of a romantic atmosphere! It’s always lovely to spend your Christmas with your favorite characters!! ♥


Happy New Year from overseas!
In this picture, I wanted to express “a cold winter and warm feelings”.
I hope I can take more figure pictures next year too.

Photographer: Magu

The warm orange lighting and the smiles on their face create such a lovely atmosphere!! It really does express “a cold winter and warm feelings” perfectly!! ♪


Nico is ready for Christmas

Photographer: Sia Hime

Nico Nico Nii and a bunch of cute friends enjoying their Christmas! The various different characters all seem to come together with a nice balance of colors making for a lovely photo!ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

These are the kind of photos I often feel I want to copy!


Saber and Shirou spend their Christmas together. Happy holidays everyone!

Photographer: Isabel

Just look at those smiles!! Their happiness really comes through in this photo!! Just looking at them makes me want to pray for their happiness!! A lovely photo overflowing with happiness!


I picked up Nendoroid Kashima-san the other day and she has decided to prepare a Christmas party. It looks like she has a got a little treat for the kitty that needs to be kept a secret from everyone else!

Photographer: Luka

I love being in this position in a photo where it looks like you are listening in on a secret conversation! The details on all the little accessories are simply amazing – the atmosphere of the warm home really comes out beautifully!



Photographer: CHLin

A snowy world of whites and blues! Very cold colors, but the photo itself still seems so very heart-warming! The contrasting facial expressions are lovely! (●‘∀‘●)ノ”


“Ah.. the best day of the year is going to come right? are you ready for Christmas? Hide your cookies because your friends gonna eat them.

This Christmas, I got a nice present from Santa. Yes, 3 waifus as gift.

Wait.. did you say Santa is not real? YES, SO DOES WITH YOUR WAIFU. :'(“

Photographer: Midnight Fox

Adorable character coming out from a present box!! The photo, situation and posing are all amazing, as is Midnight Fox’s comment! (/ω\)

Thank you for the lovely present!!


This is actually a photo from last year, but I always think of Christmas for Winter themes so I thought I would send this photo in! 

Photographer: Eien

The fluffy decorations underneath have a blueish image that looks a bit like the ocean which really brings out the atmosphere for Hoppo-chan! (灬ºωº灬)

The lighting also makes the airships and Hoppo-chan look even cuter than normal!


A New Years card arrives at the Arararagi household.

Photographer: Nagumon

A rather exciting New Years card for Koyomi-oniichan!! The combination of Nendoroids, Nendoroid Petites, Nendoroid More and little accessories all come together to create an amazing situation! I can just imagine each of the characters voices playing in my head!


Merry Christmas!

Stone Lion Miku

Photographer: DAIVAN

A Kashima and Lion Dance Miku Christmas Present, as well as a photo of Lion Dance Miku with a stone lion!! The contrast between the cute colorful Miku and the stone lion makes for quite the interesting two shot! Thank you as always for your lovely playful photos! ♡


My photo shows the Matsuno family as they are celebrating New Years Day! They have all sorts of traditional foods ready to enjoy together as a family! Osomatsu has a drink, Karamatsu is staring at the lovely food and Choromatsu is ready to get the party started! Ichimatsu is looking a little lonely but Jyushimatsu is there is cheer him up and Todomatsu is taking a photo of the food to share online!

Photographer: Tsunonigauri

The Matsuno Family New Year!! It looks like a very enjoyable get-together if this photo is anything to go by! Each of their personalities has been captured nicely in the photo! ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ


That’s all for today! I hope everyone had a heartwarming look to keep them warm during these cold Winter days! The detail and thought that goes into the little accessories, posing and situations never ceases to amaze! ♥

Thanks again to everyone who sent in photos!!

I received a load of photos this time around, so we will continue with more of this theme in a Part 2 at a later date!! (*´ェ`*)

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