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This weekend is both the Ankou Festival as well as the Final SUPER GT Race! Are you taking part in any of them?! Quite a lot of the staff if out preparing for the events leaving the offices rather empty today!  :(‘Θ’ 」 ∠):_

Anyway, today I will be continuing yesterday’s blog with a closer look at…
Racing Miku 2016 Ver. !

The songstress of the race circuit as a 1/8th scale figure together with Weight-chans! 

A beautiful figure of Racing Miku based on one of the original illustrations by Mai Yoneyama! Plus the cute little ‘Weight-chan’ characters based on the weight stickers added to SUPER GT cars when they have a handicap are also included all coming together to create an adorable scene and an amazing figure! ☆


Of course all the details on areas that were never even visible on the original illustration have been carefully thought out and sculpted onto the figure, allowing fans to enjoy the lovely work from any angle they please!

Racing Miku-san is not only sitting, but also placed in a bent-forward pose which really brings out the shape of her hips and bottom when looking from the back! Just look at those beautiful curves!! (/ω・)

I personally love how she looks from the side!

This angle gives a nice look at both her soft, silky looking hair as well as the gently extended hand and bent up knee! Plus if you look at the parasol you can see that the effects of the light have been very carefully considered with the paintwork – the outside is a much lighter white than the inside is more of a gray color and the ‘4’ can be seen slightly through the thin material of the parasol! ε=(。・д・。)


Today we’re going to have a chat with the planner for the figure, Hamako! (@gsc_hama

(・∀・) Go ahead! Ask me anything!

Will you be going to the final SUPER GT race tomorrow?

(・∀・) Of course! We will even have this figure on display at the race! Be sure to stop by and take a look if you’re attending!

It is always so different to see a figure in person compared to the photos! I hope lots of people come by to take a look!!

Let’s take a closer look at Hamako’s recommended points! ♪

– 1: Expression 

(・∀・) The first thing you have to take note of is this adorable face! She looks so carefree and innocent making such an cute expression!!

Ah! I know exactly what you mean! She does look so very cute!! This time around Racing Miku is definitely more on the ‘cute’ side of the cute-cool spectrum! It makes me wish I was there to protect her from any harm!

(・∀・) One thing I really want to point out is the design of her eyes! Note all the little triangles!

Now that you mention it… the eyes are very detailed! There is even a tiny little pink triangle in the middle!

(・∀・) The unique texture and detail of the eyes illustrated by Mai Yoneyama has been very faithfully preserved on the figure!

I think it may be one of the most detailed eyes I’ve ever seen on a scale figure! I could stare into her eyes for ages!

2: Sculpt

(・∀・) The creases made on her ankles and toes due to her pose…

(・∀・) … and those made from the curves of her body have all been faithfully sculpted onto the figure! This allows you to kind of picture the shape of her body right through the outfit! You can also see the detail put into the tires used for her base to make them look rather realistic!

The tires have the actual name of tire manufacturers written on them, and also have these letter and arrows… what are they for?

(・∀・) These numbers are markings that give details about the tires such as the spinning direction, connecting point and firmness! They are written on the tires with chalk! 

It even looks like chalk on the figure!! (灬ºωº灬)

(・∀・) Yep. That’s because it is chalk.


(・∀・) The painter for the figure Iwabitsu-sensei drew them on with chalk for the prototype! If you touch it it might rub off so be careful!

O-OK! I’ll be careful!!

(・∀・) The final mass-produced version won’t be actual chalk, but we will do everything we can to make it look just as realistic as possible!!

3: Interpretation 

(・∀・) One aspect of the figure that constantly came up in the development stages was preserving the highlights of the hair. It was quite difficult to sculpt and paint the strip-shaped highlights in a way that not only looked good when transformed into a 3D figure but also kept the same feeling as the original illustration. We worked with various different renditions with the production team before eventually settling on this one!

The colors of the tips of the hair look amazing on the illustration, but when you try and convert that into a figure you need to think in a whole new dimension as to where the colors change! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

(・∀・) Trying to convert the illustration exactly as is into a figure would leave some parts simply not adding up when looked at as a whole. To put it simply, 2D illustrations can make use of techniques that ‘lie’ to trick the eyes, but when changed into a 3D figure we had to work around those lies to make it look natural! But that’s exactly what made it such an interesting project!

Take a look at the colors of her twin-tails from various different angles for yourself!

(・∀・)Also, parts of the red highlight in her hair and twintails make use of semi-translucent parts! To retain the vivid appearance they are only very slightly see-through, so it might be a little hard to tell from the photos, but it looks really pretty based on how the light hits the figure!

Ah! I see now! They are very transparent towards the ends of the hair!

4: A Complete Scene 

(・∀・) This Racing Miku figure is rather different compared to most of the previous Racing Miku figures as she isn’t posed looking ahead, but instead at the can in her hands and Weight-chan! The figure isn’t just Racing Miku, but a whole little scene for fans to look upon making it a rather unique addition to any collection! 

That’s what makes the figure so special to me! It all comes together so nicely to create something more than just a figure – it brings out its own little universe and a story to come along with it! It’s a little hard to put into words, but the way the figure all comes together is definitely one of my favorite points! ♪

(・∀・) I hope fans will enjoy the Racing Miku world with this figure complete with her special base! 

Thanks for all of your comments and explanations Hamako! It was nice to have an interview blog for the first time in awhile! ♪


The cute innocent smile of Miku together with Weight-chans!! ♥

Racing Miku 2016 Ver.!

She is currently up for preorder! ♡



We have also prepared a little video where you can see Miku from various different angles! Be sure to take a look! (。・ω・)ノ゙

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