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Today we’re going to be taking a look at this product already up for preorder!

Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver.! ♪

From ‘Oh My Goddess!’ comes a 1/8th scale of the main heroine, Belldandy! The figure is based on the original illustration used on the cover of the ‘Kosuke Fujishima Debut 30th Anniversary Art Book: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride’.

The pose features Belldandy sitting on her originally designed motorbike wearing a racing jacket. Belldandy herself is of course beautifully detailed, and careful attention has been given to the motorbike, goggles and other elements of the figure as well – creating a high quality work of art that fans will be proud to add to their collection!

Kosuke Fujishima’s Debut 30th Anniversary Year!

The special artbook released for the 30th anniversary featured this amazing illustration of Belldandy on the cover, which has now been converted into figure form!! ♡

From the much loved series ‘Oh My Goddess’ is a figure of the First Class Type 2 Goddess from the “Goddess Relief Agency” – Belldandy wearing a racing jacket!


(。´-`).。oO()(As usual the combination of mechanics and a cute girl is absolutely lovely!)

Belldandy is perhaps best known for her frilly goddess outfit, but this figure instead has a rather tight-fitting racing jacket that really shows off her body line! Although the outfit is quite different to the usual, the gentle expression on her face still lets you know that Belldandy is here to grant your wish!! ♡

That pure, gentle smile is just overflowing with kindness!!

I’m sure that anyone who just looks at the expression instantly feels a little more relaxed and at ease! ♪

The smile and her exceptional  build are one thing, but also note the detail on her motorbike! In particular these handle bars!!  ε=(。・д・。)

Or the underside of her shoes!! I love details like this!!

▲The figure is posed floating in the air which means you can enjoy these lower angles!

Let’s also take a look from the back!ヽ(●´Д`●)ノ

Just look at her amazing hair!!

The way it is blowing about in the wind gives such a lovely dynamic appearance and makes the hair look so soft and airy! ♪

The design of the bike uses lots of heart shapes which together with the light pastel colors create such a cute magical device as her ride! (。・ω・)ノ゙

▲ Displayed with the Kosuke Fujishima Debut 30th Anniversary Art Book: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride! ☆

However! If you do choose to look very close you’ll see that it’s not all hearts and pastel colors! There are certainly some very mechanical parts to the design which look rather realistic, just like on the original illustration!

▲ You can’t see this part at all from certain angles!
Note the detail on the bolts and pipe!

Another thing to note is the textures of the different materials!

This photo was taken to try and show a large selection of the different textures – compare the hair, skin and texture of the outfit! Not to mention the bike itself!! (∩・∀・)∩

The opened out chest area also seems like it would be so soft to the touch!! While the matte of the outfit gives a nice polished appearance! The thickness of the fabric throughout the outfit is also carefully considered, so the creases around the upper arm or stomach area allow you to really imagine how her body is positioned on the inside of the outfit!! Such amazing sculptwork!!

Another area that really shines more me is the creases in the outfit behind her knees and at her ankles! No matter what angle you look from you are in for a treat!

It really is a figure that captures Belldandy is a rather different, but absolutely stunning light! The figure itself along with the details put into the bike create a work of art that is sure to stand out! (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

Be sure to add this goddess to your collection!
Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver.!

Currently up for preorder! ♡



Orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP are open until the 17th November at 12:00JST! Don’t miss out!!!

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