Hi everyone! Suwabe (@gsc_suwabe)  from the Corporate Planning Division here! Today I’m going to be taking a look at some items that went up for sale at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP today! Unfortunately they are only available in Japan at the moment though!

1/10 Scale Doll House!▼

These products are made by a company called COUNTRY WOOD GARDEN, and a selection of their products are now available on the Japanese GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP! The reason for this is that the items are 1/10th scale which makes them a lovely size for figma figures!! ♪

Miniature Doll House: Round Window Brown 1/10th Scale
Miniature Doll House: Round Window White 1/10th Scale


Simple is best with these standard rooms that really are just like a doll house for figmas! You can see that the size is perfect to display figma inside! They can also be put together very easily! You just need to connect the various parts together!


Plus you can easily take the parts apart again, so when you are finished your photos or need a little more space you can store it away with ease!

Minature White Photo Background 1/10th Scale

(Ignoring my rather questionable ability to pose figmas…)

Don’t underestimate the use of a simple white background!!

▼ This is how a Nendoroid sizes up… 

▼A nice simple background to keep the focus on the figure!

Whenever I add a new Nendoroid to your collection I always want to take a few photos that capture them in the moment I got them! This background provides a nice simple background that also nice natural light reflection with the white floor! Perfect for some quick shots to capture your figures! (*´ω`*)

Photo Background: Black Rose Graveyard

A photography set of a western-style graveyard which comes with a grave, a stone-paved floor and a black archway with black roses lining it.

There is even writing engraved on the grave itself!

The first character that came to mind for this background was…

“Drown in the Darkness!”

Miniature Doll House 1/10th Scale Fire Escape Right

I’m sure that there are a countless number of situations you can recreate using this set!

You can even get some help from the local zombies to create a bit of a zombie movie scene!

Miniature Doll House: Jail Cell M Size

A jail cell! Comes complete with a bed, desk, chair and lamp that all look rather beaten and damaged to give that jail-like look! (*’ω’*)

▼ Display a poor inmate having a meal…

▼ Or a poor inmate looking for a meal…

Lots of fun to be had!

I’m sure you’ll think of many more fun and interesting situations! I hope to see some photos of them!!

Preorders for all the items above are open until the 26th October 2016, but are currently only available on the Japan GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP! Don’t miss out!!

Anyway that’s all from me for today! See you all again soon!

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