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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…

SOUYOKUSHA’s 1/6th Scale Figure:
Yukino Yukinoshita: Kimono Ver.!

Love at first sight! Yukinon dressed in a lovely kimono!

From the popular anime series ‘My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!’ comes a 1/6th scale figure of Yukino Yukinoshita wearing a kimono! Her long black hair matches with the purple kimono beautifully and her lovely face and curves can be enjoyed from various different angles!

The intricate coloring of the kimono and carefully designed cherry blossom print on her Japanese umbrella all come together to create a stunning figure of Yukinon for fans to add to their collection! Make sure you don’t miss out!

The President of the Service Club is most commonly remembered wearing her school uniform, but now you can enjoy Yukino’s beautiful looks in a lovely kimono together with a Japanese umbrella that gives the figure such a lovely balance! Plus she also comes with a lovely fluffy white base!!

So… beautiful!! (/_;)

She has a rather wistful, listless look to her eyes, but once you look into them you just can’t seem to look away! I hope that same feeling manages you reach everyone through their screens!! I can just imagine how things would end if I met someone like this in the rain…

This is how she looks from the back! ▼

The detail of the cherry blossom pattern on her umbrella looks beautiful, with ever so slightly colored petals creating a treat for the eyes! You can also see her beautiful legs sticking out from the back! If we move in a little closer…

Those creases around her bottom!!

The arms and legs that peek out from the kimono with the fabric falling around them is really something that can only be enjoyed because she is wearing a kimono!!

Also note the dainty little fingers!! ▼

Even the finger nails have been painted with a light pink that brings out her feminine side!

Ah, such a lovely flowing kimono…!

Dressed in a kimono with an umbrella out, falling down to her knees with her legs coming out of the kimono showing a fair amount of skin! How on earth did she get into this situation?! Not that I’m complaining! In fact, I send out my thanks to the sculptor!!

Another bit of lovely detail – the flowers on the sash!

All of the little flowers are so detailed, and even each feature different gradient paintwork!! This is going to be a mission to manufacture!!

Personally I quite enjoyed this angle! A slightly upward gaze that gets you a nice look at her lovely legs!

Will you accept the club president’s service?

SOUYOKUSHA’s 1/6th Scale…
Yukino Yukinoshita: Kimono Ver.

Up for preorder from the 21st September!

You’ll have to wait until next week to preorder her!

Anyway that’s all from me for today! I hope I’ll be able to see you all again…


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